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Top beautiful and low-priced 3-story pre-engineered building models


Pre-engineered steel buildings are the targets of many people. In 2021, the design trend of 3-storey pre-engineered buildings will be popular and promoted in many fields. In this article, BMB Steel will provide you with some low-priced and beautiful 3-storey pre-engineered building models for your reference.

1. What are the benefits of a 3-storey pre-engineered building?

The 3-storey pre-engineered building brings a lot of benefits because the population is gradually increasing. A pre-engineered  3-storey building is suitable for places with street frontage or a narrow area. In addition, this is also a solution for families who want a beautiful house with a low price and short constructing time. The advantages of 3-storey pre-engineered buildings include:

  • Easy design, time-saving construction 
  • Utilize the area functions
  • Modern design style, suitable for many people
  • It is possible to design and build 3-storey pre-engineered buildings to solve the lack of land area and restrictive budget.
Các ưu điểm nhà thép tiền chế ba tầng mang lại

Advantages of three-storey pre-engineered steel buildings

2. Applications of 3-storey pre-engineered building 

The 3-storey pre-engineered buildings can be used for company buildings, factories, and workshops. Additionally, with the development and its popularity, the 3-storey pre-engineered buildings are also used for housing and family activities, cafes.

3. Top models of the beautiful 3-storey pre-engineered building with low price

3.1 The 3-storey civil steel pre-engineered building

The 3-storey civil steel pre-engineered building is designed to serve the purpose of housing. Civil designs often have steel frames arranged with many solid partitions, walls, and floors. Every building structure must be done in detail and optimizing the function.

Civil pre-engineered steel buildings have the primary purpose of living, so they should be designed in accordance with the ideas and requirements of the owner. It is integral to consider using more safety protection materials for steel frames to increase the house’s lifespan. In addition, it is necessary to combine with other materials to ensure the house’s privacy and safety.

Some models of 3-storey civil steel pre-engineered buildings below you should refer to.

mẫu nhà tiền chế thép dân dụng 3 tầng

This 3-storey pre-engineered building is designed for households with many members. The frame structure is built according to the famous box-shaped structure, combined with tempered glass material. The three-storey structure with two floors for living and the third floor for yards and balconies is very suitable for families with an area on a small plot of land.

Họa tiết nổi bật cho mặt tiền nhà 3 tầng

In this design, the steel frames are used as prominent motifs for the 3-storey facade. The architect built the entire steel frame of this three-storey house with a box-shaped structure and interwoven steel bars.

mẫu nhà tiền chế thép dân dụng 3 lầu

The pre-engineered steel frame with natural wood materials will make the construction rustic and luxurious. The structure of the house is designed in a unique alternate manner. Besides, the surroundings such as windows and railings are enlarged to allow the owner to get a new space from nature.

mẫu nhà tiền chế thép dân dụng 3 trệt

Below is another three-storey pre-engineered steel building design that you can refer to. This design includes both a mezzanine and a rooftop, bringing a modern and liberal look. Substructures such as windows and stairs are designed using steel and tempered glass materials with a sophisticated and straightforward style.

3.2 Beautiful three-storey pre-engineered cafe

Quán cà phê tiền chế ba tầng đẹp mắt

Apart from being used to make residential houses, 3-storey pre-engineered buildings are also used for coffee shops. With a typical style of simplicity, modernity, and uniqueness, the 3-storey pre-engineered design brings beautiful spaces for cafes.

The design of overlapping each other of the box-shaped texture is an impressive look. Moreover, both indoor and outdoor spaces can be utilized. In addition to using a steel frame structure, it also combines plaster and ceramic tiles to make the work more solid.

Thiết kế kết cấu nhà 3 tầng hình hộp đan xen chồng lên nhau

Some other designs can be applied to build cafe shops.

quán cà phê đẹp

Thiết kế mang đậm đặc trưng của nhà thép tiền chế 

The characteristic design of pre-engineered steel buildings

3.3 3-storey pre-engineered steel building for workshop, office

Application of 3-storey pre-engineered steel building is also used for the purpose of building workshops and offices for companies. If your business needs to build the above projects, you can refer to the models below.

Công trình nhà thép tiền chế 3 tầng của BMB steel xây dựng

3-storey pre-engineered steel building of BMB steel construction

Toàn bộ công trình phân xưởng 3 tầng nhìn từ trên cao

The entire 3-storey factory building seen from above

Above are the top models of beautiful and cost-saving 3-storey pre-engineered buildings that you can refer to and choose from. Follow us to read other articles to update more trendy pre-engineered steel building models this year.

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