BMB Steel Team Building 2018

Wednesday, 01-08-2018

The teambuilding is named “Hit and Run” activity at Buu Long resort and is held on a 21 July to promote team-building opportunities among the BMB Steel staff. It helps the hard-working, passionate and innovative employees to enhance the team-building skills of the employees with numerous outdoor fun activities for participant.


An interactive game was also held on that fun-filled day to enhance the team-building skills of the employees. BMB Steel employees from the various operational departments, strive to maintain friendly and cordial relations among themselves, by coming together as one big family, and participating in numerous recreational and sporting activities with a team-building spirit.

This is great opportunities to nurture personalities and develop interactive skills in its employees, for sharing the joys of life together and strengthen personal cohesion among individual employees. Thus, it enables effective team-building and productivity enhancements to meet ambitious goals in the future.


BMB Steel

BMB Steel Team Building 2018
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