HCMC Head Office: 148 Phan Xich Long St., Ward 7, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC

“Together your future begins with us”


BMB Love School


Who we are

BMB Love School is a non-profit organization, belonging to BMB Steel, to build and create a better educational environment for children disadvantaged areas.

BMB Love School has started the first activity for 2019, has been working hard to accompany local authorities and volunteers to bring schools and libraries for disadvantaged children, partly helping them overcome obstacles due to their living conditions and circumstances.

BMB Love School has been the first activity to improve the lives of children and their families around Vietnam and Southeast Asia since 2004. From the small action such as giving gifts and necessities to build many voluntary kitchens in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Since 2019, we started investing in education to create a foundation for children's development rather than immediate help. During the process, we awarded more than 500 scholarships to students, donated tables and chairs, and built schools and libraries in Binh Phuoc, Kon Tum, and Tuyen Quang, Cambodia and Myanmar.


We Believe

All children have a right to learn and thrive in a good education environment under our attention and protection - for a better future.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help children in Vietnam and South East Asia is healthy and educated, therefore having the best start in life and a fair chance to reach their full potential. We contribute to creating an environment where every child receives a fulfilling education.


Our target

Each year BMB Love School will build more than 10-20 schools. By our actions, we hope that these activities will spread and inspire everyone.



Began to implement social activities.
Establish a Volunteer Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh City and maintaining social work.
Establish a Volunteer Kitchen in Cambodia. Continue to maintain the activities of the Volunteer Kitchen in Ho Chi Minh and social work.
Start a tour of scholarship for students in universities around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
Establish BMB Love School and activities focused on supporting education for children in disadvantaged areas. Continue to develop and maintain other social work.
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