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Honda Automobile Showroom Binh Dinh - Pre-engineered steel buildings in the land of martial arts


Nowadays, with the continuously growing population, the demand for using means of transportation is also increasing. Hence, showrooms gradually appear in many localities. Among them, the Honda Automobile Showroom Binh Dinh, a project with the cooperation of BMB Steel and Dung Tien Group is one of the outstanding buildings of both enterprises in the martial land of Binh Dinh. In this article, let's explore the special features of this stunning showroom.

1. Project overview

Project overview

Honda Automobile Showroom Binh Dinh is located in the coastal city of Quy Nhon, a dynamic tourist city of Binh Dinh province. Here, Dung Tien Automotive Service Trading Company decided to use the form of pre-engineered steel buildings to build these special showrooms. Here is some preliminary information about the project:

Name of project

Showroom Honda Automobile Binh Dinh

Investment owner

Dung Tien Group

Project location

Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh


BMB Steel

Total area


Total weight of steel (tons)

203 tons

Execution time

60 days

2. About the investor Dung Tien Group

With 24 years of experience on the market (since 1996, originated from Phu Yen province), until now, Dung Tien Automobile has officially entered the list of the leading distributors of motorbikes and cars in the South Central Coast Region and Ho Chi Minh City. For the time being, the company has developed a chain of up to 18 motorcycle showrooms throughout Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

About the investor Dung Tien Group

With the motto "Dedicated in Service - Firmly Reaching Out", Honda Dung Tien always does their best for the customers’ benefit, always making efforts to meet the rigorous needs of customers. In addition, the company always renews themselves to be in harmony with the flow of the times to satisfy all customers. This is the key factor contributing to Dung Tien Group’s success as a brand of prestigious, quality and friendly services.

In this day and age, not only a vehicle distribution company, Dung Tien Group also expands their business to areas such as mobile repair, repair appointment booking, warranty - maintenance, buying a car on installment payments,... Besides, promotion programs are always taking place, which considerably helps customers buy vehicles at the most optimal prices.

3. Project details

When receiving information about the Honda Automobile Showroom Binh Dinh project, BMB Steel's team of design engineers and workers immediately embarked upon the preliminary assessment of the project to come up with the most optimal construction plan. Accordingly, the engineers considered that this is not a high complexity project, but the construction area is quite large (3600m2). Thus, it requires high technical requirements to ensure the aesthetics and usability of the showroom project.

Project details

Specifically, during the construction process, BMB chose International paint with high durability to ensure the showroom’s durability and protect from the effects of the harsh weather of the Central region. The corrugated iron roof system is the PU corrugated iron system with 5 waves, which helps to protect the space inside the showroom to stay cool and avoid moisture. The corrugated iron roof system achieves these significant functions because BMB Steel engineers considered choosing galvanized aluminum and zinc alloy coated steel (Painted Zincalume) with a nominal thickness of 0.50mm and PU 5-wave insulation layer (with a thickness of 16mm).

In addition, the showroom displays motorcycles and cars with a high volume, so the capacity to withstand loads is also carefully considered. Honda Automobile Showroom Binh Dinh is applied ASCE 7-10 standard "Association of Civil Engineers" Minimum load design for buildings and other structures (1801 Alexander Bell Drive Reston, Virginia 20191) with the active load on the frame is 30 kg/m2, according to TCVN 2737-95.

Above all, the aesthetics of the showroom is also a consideration, so the welds and seams are also designed according to the strict standards of WS D1.1/D1.1M :2010 standards. "American Welding Association'' Steel Handbook - Structural Welding Standards (22nd Edition. 550 NW Lejeune Road, Miami, F1 33126). Therefore, the aesthetics of the project have been optimized.

4. Detailed pictures of the project construction

Detailed pictures of the project construction

Detailed pictures of the project construction 2

Detailed pictures of the project construction 3

It can be clearly seen that the Honda Automobile Dung Tien Showroom project in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh is a building that greatly contributes to the journey of reaching across Vietnam of both BMB Steel and Dung Tien Group. Up to now, the project has officially been put into operation for years. It successfully functions as a showroom with the luxurious, modern and durable designs over time. Hopefully, through this project of BMB Steel, customers will have more information about the construction and choose the right model for themselves in the future.

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