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Dong Nai is fertile land and has an ideal geographical position. Dense population density has promoted this province, along with Binh Duong, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Long An, Tien Giang, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Binh Duong, and Ho Chi Minh City, to develop rapidly, becoming a key economic region in the South. When honored to sign a contract with the investor, BW Nhon Trach Industrial Development Co., Ltd., BMB Steel quickly started planning and implementing the project to hand over the first "brainchild" to investors on time. In this article, we invite everyone to discover the special features of the BWID Nhon Trach II project!

1. Overall information about the project

The project "BWID Nhon Trach II" is located in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. Dong Nai borders the following regions: the East borders Binh Thuan Province, the Northeast borders Lam Dong Province, the Northwest borders Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc Provinces, the South borders Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, and the West borders Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province and Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, this is a province located in a key economic development region, with strengths in economic development and tourism within and outside the region.

BWID Nhon Trach II Project
BWID Nhon Trach II

Some preliminary information about the project is below:

Project Name

BWID Nhon Trach II

Owner Name

BW Nhon Trach Industrial Development Co., Ltd


Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province

Construction contractor

BMB Steel

Total land square


Gross weight (tons)

270 tons


240 days

2. BW Nhon Trach Industrial Development Co., Ltd

BW Nhon Trach Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is Vietnam's leading industrial real estate and rental logistics platform, founded on a shared vision between Warburg Pincus (Private Investment Joint Stock Company, a leading global growth leader, established in 1996, operating in more than 40 countries and investing more than 100 billion USD) and Becamex IDC (Vietnam's leading industrial infrastructure developer established in 1976, with more than 10 world-class industrial parks and more than 500 business partners and customers), with over 8.15 million square meters of prime industrial land under control across more than 37 projects in 28 strategic economic locations throughout Vietnam.

BW is oriented to develop products for the light industry and modern warehousing, meeting the increasing demands of the market stemming from the wave of shifting production facilities in the world to Vietnam, the trend of increasing demand in the domestic market, and the explosive development of the electronics industry. BW has secured equity commitments in excess of US$800 million from its shareholders and has formed strategic partnerships with ‘Queen Bee’s FDI, e-commerce, and logistics players to serve one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia.

3. Project details

As a project that the large enterprise BW Nhon Trach Industrial Development Co., Ltd. trusts to assign to BMB Steel, we immediately embarked on planning, a preliminary assessment of the project to come up with a construction plan that is best for our customers. Accordingly, BMB Steel engineers said that this is a relatively "breathable" project, but with a fairly large construction area (3.2 hectares), it requires high technical requirements to ensure aesthetics and the usability of the project.

In more detail, like the previous project, to ensure durability and insulation for the building, BMB Steel has continued to choose Alkyd to paint with a paint thickness of 120 microns. This is a pretty good paint that is popular in the construction industry and trusted by many homeowners for its quality and reasonable price. The roof and wall corrugated iron system used is the Bluescope corrugated iron system for up to 7 ribs, a special connection system that helps to prevent extremely good wind and water savings, which is a very suitable type of corrugated iron for construction. In this business house, the industrial manager requires a great deal of speed. As for light corrugated iron, we recommend that you choose Amperite with 7 wavelengths; this is a modern material with long life, good light absorption comparable to glass, and 250 times stronger than glass. The roofing sheet is also an outstanding material with very high heat and sound insulation and aesthetic applications, applied in many modern projects to make a difference in your projects.

The solid corrugated iron roof system of the project
The solid corrugated iron roof system of the project

In order for the project to be completed and handed over to the investor on time, BMB Steel has drawn up each step as well as allocated a specific work plan for the project as follows:






Preparing & Approve Design drawings




Shop drawing & Approve shop drawing




Fabrication at BMB's factory




Check the Welding line before painting




Painting primer




Packing at the factory & Delivery




unloading & Separate material at the Site




Erection anchor bolts




Erection of steel frame (Columns, rafters, beams & purlin,...)




Cladding roof and wall panel




Cleaning & Handover project



The last step is the cleaning of the works. During these 4 days of sprinting, BMB Steel has always worked hard in the spirit of completing the project in the most thorough way and satisfying customers. During the construction process, BMB Steel always upholds the work safety spirit of all workers; everyone must strictly comply with the provisions of the labor law when entering the construction site. The BWID Nhon Trach II project has ended successfully; this is also an invisible but extremely solid link connecting the long-term friendship between BW Industrial Development Joint Stock Company (BW) and BMB Steel.

4. Detailed pictures of project construction

Some pictures of the project in progress

Some pictures of the project in progress
Some pictures of the project in progress

Every project is signed, and every project is completed and put into operation. At BMB Steel we are proud to write a story about a "small project" to thank our customers. Hopefully, through this project of BMB Steel, customers will have more information about construction forms and can choose a suitable house model for themselves in the future.

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