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On the morning of February 18, the 2022 Goal Commitment Ceremony of BMB Steel took place in a very exhilarating atmosphere at the BMB’s Ho Chi Minh office, with the attendance of the Board of Directors, heads of departments, and all employees working at BMB Steel.

The Board of Directors signed the 2022 Goal Commitment 
The Board of Directors signed the 2022 Goal Commitment 

2021 is a challenging year for Vietnam and the world’s economy in general and for BMB Steel in particular. The Covid-19 pandemic was a considerable barrier for global development, which caused market stagnant and suspended many production and business activities. In the context of the pandemic, BMB Steel's Executive Board has coordinated with departments to come up with appropriate strategies. Typically, the digital transformation strategy was rapidly applied at BMB Steel to adapt to the difficulties. All working processes are transferred to the digital system. As a result, irrespective of the Covid-19’s impacts, BMB Steel has made many leaps and bounds when reaching revenue of more than VND 2,200 billion (110% higher than the set target), which is a dramatical growth when compared to 2021. Additionally, under the direction of the BOD, the environment at BMB is taken into account as one of the best companies to work in Asia. Notably, BMB has been awarded many prizes such as HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2021, the Vietnam Highest Profit Enterprises in Vietnam (PROFIT500), the largest enterprise in Vietnam (VNR500), the fastest-growing enterprise in Vietnam (FAST500), etc.

The success of 2021 is the foundation for BMB’s outstanding developments in 2022. Thus, in early February, the BMB’s 2022 Goal Commitment Signing Ceremony took place, intending to look back on the achievements in the previous year and set new goals for the company in 2022. This is also one of the annual internal activities of BMB Steel to help all employees better understand the company's vision and development strategy. On the other hand, this is also an activity proposed by the Board of Directors with the desire to improve the working environment of all employees at BMB Steel in the new year.

2022 Goal Commitment of BMB Steel's Executive Board 
2022 Goal Commitment of BMB Steel's Executive Board 

With the mission of bringing BMB Steel to sustainable development, the Board of Directors has set many new goals in 2022:
- Revenue 2200 billion VND
- Become the best company in the fabrication, erection, and HSE industry
- Promote Marketing to spread the BMB's brand widely
- Apply KPI for all domestic and foreign branches
- Promote software application in engineering and HR departments

General Director Tran Le Quoc Thai shared at the ceremony: “The success of the year 2021 is not simply the efforts of all BMB Steel employees. It is also the adaptation of each BMB Steel individual in a positive way. When the global pandemic situation became complicated, our efforts to change and improve ourselves have greatly contributed to the success of BMB Steel today. Let’s strive to enhance your own value and improve the professional quality of the business. Thank you for being so dedicated to BMB Steel; let's work harder together in 2022 and the future.”

Mr. Tran Le Quoc Thai talked about the company's following orientations in 2022
Mr. Tran Le Quoc Thai talked about the company's following orientations in 2022

 Some activities at the signing ceremony
+ Signing KPI goals 2022

Signing KPI goals 2022

+ Honoring excellent employees in 2021

Honoring excellent employees in 2021

+ Honoring employees with 10 and 15 years of dedication to BMB

Honoring employees with 10 and 15 years of dedication to BMB

The BMB’s Goal Commitment Ceremony is held annually to summarize the old year and set many goals in the new one. The Board of Directors and all employees set out goals to strive for 2022 and turn BMB Steel into a leading pre-engineered steel building company in ASEAN and more.

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