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Detailed information on steel structure in 2022


Are you a business looking for a type of construction that is economical, effective, and high-quality? If so, you should not ignore the steel structure. With its flexibility and durability, steel structures are widely applied worldwide. Below, BMB Steel will share the most detailed and concise information below about steel structure.

1. What is a steel structure?

A steel structure is a metal structure made up of interconnected steel structures. Thus, it can bear the load of the building. Thanks to the bearing capacity with high strength, durability, and flexibility of adjustment, steel structure is widely used in many construction works and projects for the time being.

Application of steel structure in construction
Application of steel structure in construction

2. The advantages and disadvantages of steel structures

The steel structure is the ideal choice of investment with the following outstanding advantages:

  • The steel structure is difficult to deform, high bearing strength
  • Accessible to transport, flexible in adjustment, assembly, and repair
  • Short construction time
  • Cost-savings by reducing construction and maintenance costs
Advantages of steel structure
Advantages of steel structure

However, steel structures also have limitations that businesses should pay attention to:

  • Under the influence of ambient temperature, steel structures can be eroded and corroded. Hence, they are usually covered with protective and anti-rust paint.
  • The fire resistance is relatively poor
  • Compared to other types, such as wood and iron, the price of steel is relatively high
Disadvantages of steel structure
Disadvantages of steel structure

3. Description of steel structure

The steel structure is a combination of a specific structure and chemical composition. Depending on the specific technical requirements, it will have many shapes, defined standards, and specifications with different manufacturing methods. Typical and prevalent shapes include HSS, I-beam C-shaped steel, disc and angle steel, chute steel, round pipe, H-shaped, etc.

  • I-Beam: I-Beam has an I-shaped cross-section. It is capable of withstanding tremendous pressure and is durable in harsh environments. Commonly, it is combined with columns and beams of buildings to make steel floors.
  • HSS bar: HSS means High-speed steel. This is a high-speed steel structure with a hollow tubular cross-section. It is often applied in wood drill bits and welded steel frames.
HSS bar
HSS bar

Angle steel (Angle): Angle steel has an L-shaped cross-section, with two ‘legs’ joined together at a 90-degree angle. It is used in flooring systems, reinforcing and repairing damaged products. 

Angle steel
Angle steel
  • C-shaped steel (Channel): It has a C-shaped cross-section, a C-beam, or a C-shaped cross-section. It can be used as a steel truss frame for factories, commonly used in marine piers.
C-shaped steel
C-shaped steel
  • Z-bar: Steel bar with a Z-shaped area
Z-shaped bar
Z-shaped bar
  • Tee (T-shaped steel structure): It has a T-shaped cross-section. The top part connects with the rod under.
  • Ray: It is a hard steel bar with good crack resistance. It can be used as a guide bar for cranes.
  • S-shaped bar (American Standard Beam): Standard beam has a coil cross-section with two parallel surfaces connected by connecting rods.
  • Hollow web girder: Standard steel truss consisting of parallel wings and triangular web. Commonly, it is used to support floors and roofs and transfer loads onto frame structures such as beams and columns.
Hollow web girder
Hollow web girder

4. Typical types of steel structures

Normally, people classify steel structures as follows:

  • Frame structure: Beam and column
  • Suspension bridge
  • Truss bridge: truss structure
  • Grid structure: grid structure
  • Girder bridge
  • Cable-stayed bridge
  • Truss structure: truss or rod
  • Arch bridge
  • Prestressed structure
  • Arch architecture

5. Construction of steel structure

After carefully considering the steel materials, we can come to the construction process. Steel structure installation usually includes the following fundamental steps:

  • Install bolts
  • Erection of components such as beams, purlins, trusses, etc
  • Roofing, installing a drainage system

When carrying out the steel structure construction process, you should learn and pay attention to the crucial notes of the steel structure construction process to minimize the risk.

It cannot be denied that the steel structure is currently very prevalent among businesses and investment owners because this is the ideal choice for companies wondering about their project type. With the above about steel structure, BMB Steel hopes you can gain a lot of helpful information to decide on the kind of steel structure. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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