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DH Logistic Network Vietnam


DH Logistic Network Vietnam is one of BMB's typical projects around mid-2022. The investor is Daiwa House Vietnam Co., Ltd., part of Daiwa House Industry Japan, one of the "fastidious" investors that BMB is accompanied by. The DH Logistic Network Vietnam project has marked a milestone of outstanding development and created a lot of trust for investors in us at BMB. Next, we invite you to follow us to learn more details about this DH Logistic Network Vietnam project!

1. Overall information about the project

Tan Duc Industrial Park is highly appreciated for its location as it is located right at the southeast gateway of Ho Chi Minh City with three sides adjacent to the three main traffic axes of the region: Provincial Road 830 (towards Ben Luc and the Western provinces), Provincial Road 824 (to Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, National Highway 22 to Ho Chi Minh City), and Provincial Road 825 (connecting Provincial Road 10 to Ho Chi Minh City Center). From a wasteland of acidic soil with no value for agricultural production, Tan Duc Investment Joint Stock Company built Tan Duc Long An Industrial Park with modern, spacious infrastructure and industrial systems. advanced information technology, a modern waste treatment and water supply system, a fresh green park system, and other public utilities. Because of those advantages, Daiwa Vietnam Co., Ltd. chose this location for the project "DH Logistic Network Vietnam".

DH Logistic Network Viet Nam Project

DH Logistic Network Viet Nam Project

Some preliminary information about the project is below:

Project Name

DH Logistic Network Viet Nam

Owner Name

DH Logistic Network Viet Nam Co., Ltd


Tan Duc Industrial Park, Duc Hoa district, Long An province

Construction contractor

BMB Steel

Total land square

30,000 m2

Gross weight (tons)

3,000 tons


6 months

 2. DH Logistic Network Viet Nam Co., Ltd

Daiwa House Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a 100% foreign-invested company established on April 6, 2012, headquartered in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. construction company, under Japan Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Daiwa House Industry Japan Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company specializing in providing construction and real estate services. They offer a wide range of services, including residential and commercial property development, construction management, and real estate consulting. With a focus on quality and innovation, the Daiwa House Industry has established itself as a leader in the Vietnamese market.

The company's current number of employees is approximately 300. Every year, the company organizes many trips for employees to practice and work in Japan. Daiwa House is a young, dynamic, and professional working environment for young people who love the Japanese working environment, have Japanese, and want to apply it in their own y work.

3. Project details

Upon receiving the news of winning the bid for the "DH Logistic Network Vietnam" project, BMB engineers quickly began estimating work. BMB engineers commented that this is a highly complex project; the completed project must ensure aesthetics in parallel with the quality of the construction, thus understanding customers' favorable care and trust. goods placed at BMB, but we always try and maximize our capacity when constructing the project "DH Logistic Network Vietnam". After carefully calculating the quantity, we decided to transport 3,000 tons of steel to Tan Duc Industrial Park to serve this 30,000 m2 project.

More specifically, for the paint part, we chose Alkyd to painith a primer thickness of 80 microns to achieve high aesthetics for the project. It is a type of paint that helps increase durability and limit environmental impacts that cause metal corrosion. In particular, alkyd liquid coating has a glossy coating, has good resistance to external forces, and keeps the paint surface from peeling or fading.

Structure of DH Logistic Network Vietnam project

Structure of DH Logistic Network Vietnam project

In order for the project to be completed and handed over to the investor on time, BMB Steel has drawn up each step as well as allocated a specific work plan for the project as follows:






Overview schedule








Fabrication at BMB's Factory




Checking Welding Line Before Painting




Painting Primer








Packing at Factory and Delivery




Unloading and Separate material at Site








Erection Anchor Bolt




Erection Steel Frame (Columns, Rafters, Beams and Purlin…)




Painting Fireproofing




Cleaning and Handover Project



The last days of staying with the DH Logistic Network Vietnam project are the cleaning phase to hand it over to the investor on time. Working with Daiwa House Vietnam is a great honor for BMB. Studying and working with Japanese investors and understanding how fastidious, thorough, and detailed the opponent is, BMB always tries to complete the project. improve at each step of its construction and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

4. Detailed pictures of project construction

Some typical images of the projectSome typical images of the project

Some typical images of the project

Some typical images of the project

Once again, BMB would like to sincerely thank the investor, Daiwa House Vietnam Co., Ltd., for trusting and choosing BMB as the main contractor for this project. Hopefully, in the future, we can cooperate more on new projects. We would also like to thank you for following the information about the DH Logistic Network Vietnam project. Through this project, have you chosen any type of construction for your factory? Don't hesitate to contact BMB when you are wondering about this type of pre-engineered steel building construction!

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