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Social Work


On Sep 6th, 2010, during the full moon festival, our BMB company staff had a sharability trip to hump and cancer hospital located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, shelters in district 12, especially in Cu Chi district. At these locations, they reminded me of our childhood life.


Social Work

For those unfortunate kids (handicap), we are cared by full-time Nuns and were so happy when they saw us arrived. We gave them all of our loves, cares, toys, and gifts.

Deeply in my heart, I am so thankful to God that he has given me a full meaning of life, so dear friends, let love to those who needed, take care of ourselves, and I wish you all a pleased Moon Festival.

6 months ago
Perhaps few of us have ever had life experiences as highlanders on the border. So are you curious about the life of people living in the furthermost area of a country? Follow the charity group of BMB Steel Thailand to have more experiences about the situation and energy of the people here!
1 year ago
Lately, BMB Steel has cooperated with the People's Committee of District 8, Bachy Soletanche Vietnam, Viet Han Concrete, and the Friendship Association to award 150 scholarships to orphans due to Covid-19 in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.
1 year ago
BMB Love School khởi công xây dựng trường học tại Trường PTDTBT Pá Mỳ - Điểm trường Huổi Pết 1 thuộc bản Huổi Pết, xã Pá Mỳ, huyện Mường Nhé, tỉnh Điện Biên.
1 year ago
BMB Love School Foundation has cooperated with local authorities to inaugurate and hand over two schools in Tan Lap and En hamlet in Phu Thanh village, Quan Hoa town, Thanh Hoa Province
1 year ago
BMB Share Love is a social activity campaign from the Philippines crew to BMB Steel
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