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The development trend of the logistics industry in Vietnam is one of the issues of interest. The world period is suffering from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, will there be any change in the development of logistics as well as the competitive potential in BMB Steel's logistics industry?

Positive prospects from the logistics industry in construction

Logistics is a vital contribution to GDP. Currently, in developed countries such as Japan, the USA, etc., logistics cost accounts for 10-13% of GDP, and in Vietnam is 25% of GPD. It can be seen that logistics costs account for a significant amount of the economy, which affects and is effected by other economic activities. Once the logistics industry is developed, it will reduce costs, ensure time and quality for other economic activities, and increase the competitiveness of Vietnam's goods for the international market. 

BMB Steel is investing heavily in well-invested and modern construction technology

The rapid development of the domestic logistics industry has been Vietnam’s top objective in recent years. Based on the significant geographical advantages of vigorously maturing logistics from being close to China. The coastline stretches over 3000km, and the giant river network gives considerable potential to quickly expand maritime transport in Vietnam. Taking advantage of capital, technology, and management capability of large international companies investing in Vietnam recently, such as Alibaba, SLP Logistics, Logos Property, JD Logistics, Kerry Logistics, etc. Domestic logistics companies such as ITL Logistics, Transimex, etc., are also growing in the momentum of development and substantial expansion. 

In Vietnam, industrial construction companies stay on top of the above fad to meet clients’ requirements about building logistics warehouses. Besides, with the explosion of e-commerce, positive economic growth, domestic production, and increasing expenditure have created many favorable conditions for the construction industry. The logistics centers need more space because of the higher storage level and more product volume, and they also need more space to store the goods returned. Therefore, BMB Steel is investing heavily in well-invested and modern construction technology, coordinating with investment owners to offer a more effective management solution. This will deal with the weakness of the supply chain, warehousing systems, classified, preserved, and processed center. 

BMB Steel's Logistics Development Opportunities

In recent years, it has been known that BMB Steel is honored as one of the leading steel structure contractors in Vietnam, with the capacity to build more than 2,0000,000 m2 of pre-engineered steel building/year, including 60,000 tons of steel structure/year and 20,000 tole tons/year.

BMB engineers implement the ASRB project from design, fabrication, and erection for the whole project

BMB Steel has made a big step in evolving technology in design and build to ensure works and projects that bring many valuable benefits to clients, such as quality, progress, cost savings, and incredibly aesthetic. Specifically, BMB Steel has worked with many large domestic and international logistics companies such as Kerry Logistics, SLP Hai Phong, ITL, etc.

Besides, with the purpose of dominating the industrial construction market and seriously promoting construction in the field of logistics storage, rental workshop, and auto cold-storage, the goal is to "reduce used land area, maximize the capacity to store goods, and optimize the operation.” BMB Steel has implemented the construction capacity in this field for many works, notably the ASRB Auto Cold-Storage project in Thailand. BMB engineers implement the ASRB project from design, fabrication, and erection for the whole project. Only with an area of ​​6,000m2 but with a capacity of up to 30,000 pallets, ensuring the quality of frozen products is safely preserved from shipping to warehousing, the warehouse temperature is coordinated and researched by BMB, and the investment owner of frozen robotic technology always keeps the temperature between -18 degrees C.

BMB Steel is proud to bring clients the best high-quality works and the highest efficiency

BMB Steel is proud to bring clients the best high-quality works and the highest efficiency. It’s a leading steel structure contractor in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Our capabilities are able to design and build complex industrial buildings combined with production process management in a controlled environment, especially in the logistics industry.

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