Volunteer Kitchen Launching Ceremony on June, 17, 2013

Monday, 08-07-2013

On June 17, 2013 our Volunteer Kitchen Launching Ceremony for poor people, workers and street children. It is invested by the budget of BMB STEEL. All the BOM and staffs were so happy and proud of this charity activity.







The aims of   BMB is “free food, free gifts” as the founder recognition  plays in helping break the cycle of the poverty

Nowadays, we serve 250 poor people at our restaurants in HCMC City with the highly safety standard food and full of satisfaction, nice service from our staffs, we are run by volunteers. This amount of these VN poor citizens are increasing days by days, enjoying to come to get this charity.

Additional we distribute 100 package gifts to the Cancer patients every 6 days per week.

Our BMB teams, strive to make a different to the extremely poor as those Vietnamese who do not have enough food, Cancer patients….,they are lake of the resources to provide themselves. BMB is driven by a very strong commitment to support the poor, and the patients rather than to keep them apart from Vietnamese Society.




Volunteer Kitchen Launching Ceremony on June, 17, 2013
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