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BMB Steel accompanies orphans for Covid-19 in District 8


It can be clearly seen that 2021 was an unprecedented time when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and spread across the globe. In Vietnam, even though the government has used all measures and taken action to anticipate, the pandemic has expanded dramatically, in which Ho Chi Minh City is the largest pandemic center. In the second half of 2021, Ho Chi Minh City had a gloomy atmosphere. The sound of ambulance sirens, the cry of farewell, and family members who have died because of Covid-19 covered the whole city. This was such a heart-breaking time for the Vietnamese in general and Saigonese in particular.

The program "Flowers of Kindness" supports orphans due to Covid-19
The program "Flowers of Kindness" supports orphans due to Covid-19

“What have you lost due to the Covid pandemic?” –  This is a question that makes many people depressed. Birth, aging, sickness, death are all inevitable, but losing an individual in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is painful thousands of times. Many people leave their homeland to live in Saigon to make a living. Unfortunately, the city was on lockdown; they chose to stay and fight because they were afraid of bringing the disease to their families. Unluckily, they were infected with Covid during the pandemic's peak and did not survive in loneliness without family, leaving many unfinished dreams and ambitions. Their relatives are helpless because the only thing they can do is look at pictures of parents, siblings, and children through the phone screen. How painful that feeling is when we cannot be with the person we love in the last moments of life. The most pitiful are the children who suddenly become orphans by virtue of the loss of their father, mother, or even have lost both. The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly impacted them physically and mentally. 

Additionally, the economic difficulty is also a factor that worsens their lives. How can they grow up without a stable upbringing and parental love? This is probably a massive pain for them!

Consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have left huge losses for children
Consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have left huge losses for children

For the time being, the Covid-19 pandemic seems to become a conventional thing in Vietnam in the new normal. Nevertheless, it has left enormous consequences and profound effects on social life, particularly on children who are suffering from physical and mental pains. According to statistics, Ho Chi Minh City has more than 10,000 children infected with Covid-19, and thousands of children have fallen into the situation of orphaned fathers and mothers. They are now having a tremendously difficult life and suffering many disadvantages. This number was announced by the City Department of Education and Training at the beginning of the new school year. Being in the age of growing up, losing a father, a mother is a primary loss in life that is enormously painful for children. Nothing can be compensated or made up for this pain. These children were too young to grow up themselves and take care of everything in their own lives, but now they have to witness the destruction. There is no one for them to rely on. Thus, BMB Steel has painfully wondered: “Is this magnificent city really what we think it is?”

BMB Steel is a business that is always responsible to the community and society
BMB Steel is a business that is always responsible to the community and society

BMB Steel felt the painful loss of children during the pandemic, accompanying Saigon. Therefore, on March 22, BMB Steel cooperated with the "Flowers of Kindness" program and unions to sponsor 150 orphans affected by Covid in District 8, HCMC, at the Headquarters Hall of the Central Committee of the District.8 Fatherland Front. Understanding the difficulties the children had to go through, the support from the community and society will partly compensate for them. Hopefully, this will be a motivation for them to be more confident in life. “You are not alone in this city.” BMB Steel promises to be an enterprise that is always responsible for society and especially to disadvantaged children.

It is widely known that "Flowers of Kindness" is a profound and practical association, which is regularly supported by the Communist Youth Union, the People's Council, and other units. Lasting from November 2021 to the end of the year 2022, the association has accompanied, cared for, and supported many orphaned children due to the Covid-19 pandemic. BMB Steel, District 8 People's Committee, Bachy Soletanche Vietnam, Viet Han Concrete, Friendship Association, etc., jointly sponsored 150 gifts, including cash and gifts to children. We hope this will be a motivation to help them overcome difficulties and make efforts in studying. 

BMB Steel cooperates with other units to give scholarships to students
BMB Steel cooperates with other units to give scholarships to students

We - BMB Steel always want all children to learn and develop in a stable educational environment and under everyone's protection to have a better future. This is also the goal, the mission that we aim at. With the mission of contributing to helping children in Vietnam in particular and in Southeast Asia, in general, to study and absorb knowledge, we hope they have a good start in life as well as have the opportunity to develop their own potential. We are striving to contribute, assist them in overcoming difficulties, and comfort the significant loss they have to go through.

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On January 31, 2024, the BMB Love School Charity Fund successfully organized the inauguration ceremony and sponsored a kitchen for the elderly at Thien An shelter - Thu Duc City.
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On October 6, 2023, BMB Steel delegation was present in Ha Giang province, continuing the mission and completing the program "Warm the Heart of the Mountainous Region". This time, we came to participate in the signing ceremony of funding to build Thang Loi school and inaugurate Suoi Thau school in Xin Man district, Ha Giang province.
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To spread joy as well as share love with children in difficult circumstances on the night of the full moon festival, on September 28, 2023, the BMB Love School Foundation completed its mission in the "Joy for Children" program with more than 200 gifts given to children studying at Binh Trieu, Thu Duc district.
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We came to the home of Mai Chan Saint Joseph on the afternoon of June 23, 2023, and despite the rain and storm, it was impossible to stop the determination of the car filled with love that BMB sent to the elderly and children here.
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This time the BMB bus rolled to Ha Giang, a land that was not favored in terms of both terrain and climate. We came back to help these lovely upland children because we always believe that when you grow up, you will be as strong as the way you have grown up.
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