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Drawings of industrial factory 60,000m2


To build a factory, we first need to prepare accurate and detailed design drawings with meticulous parameters. Are you business owners or contractors looking for factory drawings? Are you having the intention of scaling up to 60,000m2? Today, BMB Steel would like to share with you information about the 60,000m2 industrial factory drawing in the article below.

1. 4 reasons that you need about factory drawings

1.1 Not knowledgeable about steel structure

The first reason that a factory drawing is dispensable is that most of today's business owners or contractors are not equipped with the necessary knowledge in the field of building steel frame projects, factories or they do not really understand the steel structure of an industrial factory building.

In contrast, construction engineers have knowledge, so they can clearly indicate the key points and points to pay attention to when building an industrial factory through design drawings.

1.2 The details are shown in the drawing

When designing drawings, businesses will easily visualize the whole project and detail each part.

In the absence of drawings, the enterprise will only vaguely visualize the project, and the expression of subsequent ideas will cause difficulties for the builder. Even it will be different from the original sketch.

The detail is clearly shown in the drawing of the industrial factory of 60,000m2
The detail is clearly shown in the drawing of the industrial factory of 60,000m2

1.3 Factory design drawings help to anticipate problems.

During the construction process, if the industrial factory design standards are not met, it is difficult to predict the problems that may occur.

1.4 Building  according to design drawings helps to ensure aesthetics

When designing works, especially the 60,000m2 industrial factory, their engineers not only realize their wishes based on the wishes of the enterprise on the drawings, but also provide solutions and methods to make the construction work aesthetically pleasing

2. Design process for industrial factory drawing 60,000m2

Each construction contractor and factory designer has steps to make drawings. However, most businesses today offer a factory design process with four fundamental steps.

2.1 Step 1: Outline technical drawings

After signing a contract with the information that the customer wants, the enterprise will quickly build a plan and draft technical drawings for each construction category and industrial factory design.

In addition, the team of architects will rely on sketches to calculate details of building materials or basic structures.

Outline drawing of industrial factory 60,000m2
Outline drawing of industrial factory 60,000m2

2.2 Step 2: Machining process

The machining process can be understood as the process of structural materials such as steel that will be carried out in the factory with modern equipment, meeting the requirements and ensuring quality.

The machining process usually includes 7 main steps: steel cutting, welding, steel surface cleaning, metal spraying on the surface, surface protection paint, and galvanizing. Processing time usually lasts from 6-8 weeks.

The machining process is an essential step in the design of a 60,000m2 industrial factory drawing
The machining process is an essential step in the design of a 60,000m2 industrial factory drawing

2.3 Step 3: Assemble and proceed to build

After completing the processing stage, the transportation department in the enterprise will move these materials and parts to the construction site for construction and erection based on the previous design drawings.

The supervisory team together with the architect, will strictly monitor the implementation progress and check and ensure that the activities are carried out in a reasonable manner.

2.4 Step 4: Commitment to warranty

Most businesses, when implementing, commit to a warranty of 2 years for materials, 3 years for moisture resistance, and 10 years for structures to optimize efficiency. This will satisfy customers when choosing an enterprise.

3. 60,000m2  industrial factory drawing requirements

3.1 Reasonable function diagram

This is the first and prerequisite requirement that businesses need to pay attention to meet the needs of future use. An adequately arranged functional diagram will help the production process smoothly and create more effective labor.

3.2 Optimizing economic and technical solutions

The factory drawings' design must ensure the factory structure system's safety and stability factors.

Measures, construction methods, and technical solutions in the construction process should be calculated from the drawing design stage, the selection of materials in accordance with the construction model.

3.3 Paying attention to aesthetics

The current view of factory construction is very much concerned with aesthetics. The factory not only has the function of storing and gathering raw materials and supplies for factories, but now investment owners are paying more attention to the design so that it is harmonious, beautiful, and attractive to meet the needs of warehouse workers.

Above is all information about the 60,000m2 industrial factory drawing that BMB Steel wants to share with you. We hope that the information we give will help your business have more valuable experiences in building industrial factories in accordance with your business needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with BMB Steel for the earliest advice.

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