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Learn about the Onehub Saigon project


Called by BMB Steel with the nickname "dinosaur spine", the project "Onehub Saigon" has made an impression since then in everyone's eyes. Constructed and completed in mid-2018, the "Onehub Saigon" project has created a unique feature in the structure with high complexity, high aesthetics, and a construction time of not too long 3 months. This is also one of the typical and outstanding projects of BMB Steel, marking a remarkable development milestone and creating a lot of confidence for investors. Here, we invite you to follow us to learn more details about the Onehub Saigon project.

1. Overall information about the project

District 9 Hi-Tech Park is one of the important subdivisions for the creative city project in the east of Ho Chi Minh City. Gathering the most high-tech industries in Vietnam, this is a landmark project in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City manufactures and supplies technology products of international standards. With the scale as well as the development steps over the years, the High-Tech Park in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, increasingly attracts many domestic and international investors, typically Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Nidec, FPT, and a host of other global corporations. That has attracted a huge human resource here to live and work, helping to promote socio-economic development in the region. And the real estate market also greatly benefits from this, especially in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. It is for these advantages that Ascendas Saigon Bund Co., Ltd. has chosen this place as the location for the project "Onehub Saigon".

Onehub Saigon Project
Onehub Saigon Project

Some preliminary information about the project is below:

Project Name

Onehub Saigon

Owner Name

Ascendas Saigon Bund Co., Ltd


D1 Street, High Industrial Park District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Construction contractor

BMB Steel

Total land square

3,000 m2

Gross weight (tons)

200 tons


75 days

2. Ascendas Saigon Bund Co., Ltd

Ascendas Saigon Bund Company Limited is a commercial office complex with an area of 12 hectares, located at the gateway of the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City (SHTP), in front of Hanoi Highway, is directly connected to metro station No. 12 - station of the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City: Metro Line No. 1 Ben Thanh/Suoi Tien OneHub Saigon will set a new standard for office complexes in Vietnam.

Ascendas Saigon Bund Company Limited, which aims to create an environment for the sustainable development of businesses, increase community connection, and promote creativity, is the ideal choice for tenants in the public sector. high technology and ancillary industries such as information technology, biotechnology, new materials, precision mechanics, e-commerce, operating blocks of financial institutions, telephone exchange centers, data, transport, etc.

3. Project details

When receiving the news of winning the bid for the "Onehub Saigon" project, BMB engineers quickly started estimating. BMB commented that this is a project that, although not too large in size, is of high complexity. The completed project must ensure the aesthetics that go hand in hand with the quality of the work, so we understand the care and trust that customers place in BMB, which we always try to promote to our fullest capacity during the construction of the project "Onehub Saigon". After careful calculation, we decided to transport 200 tons of steel to serve this project.

More specifically, for BMB Steel's part, choose Union galvanized aluminum and color-coated steel sheets. This type of corrugated iron has many common uses in construction projects. Specifically: roofing for housing projects from 4-level roofed houses, 2-story houses, 3-story houses, and villas,... building the roofs of factories and warehouses. Make roofs for terraces, balconies, porches, and garages. Barriers, partitions for works under construction and used for sound insulation, heat insulation, ventilation, drainage pipes, etc.

As for the paint, we chose Epoxy paint with a primer thickness of 80 microns and a finish coat of 70 microns to achieve high aesthetics for the presentation. Used for floors or factory floors... This type of paint consists of two parts, one is the paint part, and the other is the curing part. The paint part is also known as part A; this is also the most important main component, whose function is to form an adhesive block on the floor. It contains color particles, creating color for the paint, and this is the factor that creates the aesthetics and shine for the floor after construction.

Structure of the " dinosaur spine"
Structure of the "dinosaur spine"

In order for the project to be completed and handed over to the investor on time, BMB Steel has drawn up each step as well as allocated a specific work plan for the project as follows:






Launch Pad & Pod Roof Category




Design drawings and prepare materials




Delivery and installation of anchor bolts




Processing and delivery at BMB factory




Erection and handover




Canopy & Meshwall BP1 Category




Design machining drawings and prepare materials




Delivery test and installation of Meshwall anchor bolts




Processing and delivery at BMB factory




Erection and handover



BMB Steel handed over the project to the investor of "Onehub Saigon" after 75 working days with the project. Besides, we always appreciate the aesthetics that must go hand in hand with the quality of the work so that the first-time partner cooperating with BMB Steel will feel confident and satisfied with us. We are proud to be a pre-engineered steel building construction company with nearly 20 years of experience and a reputation in the profession. We will bring to customers beautiful and great works.

4. Detailed pictures of project construction

Some typical images of the project

Some typical images of the project
Some typical images of the project

The reason there are nicknames like "dinosaur spine" is because the BMB construction brothers have a special love for Onehub Saigon. When the Onehub project is completed and handed over to the investor, we watch the moment a beautiful project is born again by BMB, expanding BMB's territory in the hearts of customers. Thank you to the management of Ascendas Saigon Bund Co., Ltd. for choosing BMB as the main contractor for such a beautiful project. We also would like to thank you for following the information about the Onehub Saigon project. Through this project, have you chosen for yourself the type of construction for your factory? Do not hesitate to contact BMB when you are wondering about the type of pre-engineered steel building construction!

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