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BMB Steel has accompanied many customers inside and outside the region, step by step affirming our position in the hearts of investors. We always support customers from the steps of project signing to the steps of handing over the project to the customer. When receiving the New Apparel Far Eastern Factory project commissioned by New Apparel Far Eastern Company Limited (NAFE Vietnam), BMB Steel is even more motivated because this is an important milestone marking the long-term cooperation of BMB. Steel and NAFE Vietnam. In this article, we invite everyone to explore the unique features of the New Apparel Far Eastern Factory Project.

1. Overall information about the project

The project "New Apparel Far Eastern Warehouse" is located in Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province, which is one of the provinces with a favorable location for economic development and tourism attraction. In recent years, industrial parks in Binh Phuoc province have continuously attracted many companies, including New Apparel Far Eastern Co., Ltd. (NAFE Vietnam).

When signing a cooperation agreement with the investor for this “New Apparel Far Eastern warehouse” project, BMB Steel engineers calculated and came up with a plan to use the flange (an iron frame with an electric winch) to reduce installation costs for customers. Another interesting thing is that the entire structure of the NAFE project in Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park, Binh Phuoc, is located on reinforced concrete (nearly 100m wide and 9m high).

New Apparel Far Eastern warehouse (NAFE)
New Apparel Far Eastern warehouse (NAFE Viet Nam)

Some preliminary information about the project is below:

Project Name

New Apparel Far Eastern warehouse (NAFE Viet Nam)

Owner Name

New Apparel Far Eastern Company Limited (NAFE Vietnam)


Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province

Construction contractor

BMB Steel

Total land square

35,000 m2

Gross weight (tons)

160 tons


~ 93 days

2. New Apparel Far Eastern Company Limited (NAFE Vietnam)

New Apparel Far Eastern (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a 100% foreign-owned enterprise, belonging to Far Eastern Group (Taiwan). Operates in more than 10 countries and territories around the world with more than 40,000 employees. Specializing in manufacturing and processing garments for export to the US and Europe for famous brands in the world such as Nike, Columbia, Fila, CK, Lululemon, and Haddad... Realizing that Binh Phuoc is a province located in the southern key economic region, located not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, New Apparel Far Eastern (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. has decided to lease 10 hectares of land in the IP. North Dong Phu (Dong Phu district) to serve the construction of garment factories.

3. Project details

The new Apparel Far Eastern workshop (NAFE) is a steel structure construction project consisting of the following parts: workshop, power station, car House, wastewater treatment House, warehouse, pump house, and bicycle house with a fairly large scale, built on an area of more than 35,000 m2, so immediately after receiving the project, BMB Steel's team of engineers and engineers have embarked on the preliminary evaluation process of the project to offer the maximum cost savings, maximum construction pros and timing of fast project completion.

The solid corrugated iron roof system of the project
The solid corrugated iron roof system of the project

In the process of painting steel structures, BMB has chosen Alkyd oil paint, which is a paint produced by combining Alkyd resin oil with solvents, colorants, and other oil-based chemicals, and is stable to the effects of weather and resistant to chemical corrosion. Alkyd paints are used to protect and coat surfaces such as metal, concrete, and wood. The use of Alkyd paint ensures that the NAFE factory is durable and protected from the effects of the harsh weather of the South Central Coast.

Besides, for the roof corrugated iron system, BMB Steel chooses to use 3-layer roof corrugated iron. Layer 1 is Bluescope 0.6mm AZ150 G300 corrugated iron; layer 2 is Glasswool 16 kg/m3 insulation, 50mm thick; and layer 3 is 0.4mm thick galvanized sheet, fine corrugated iron, bolted. A solid 3-layer corrugated iron system, which helps to protect the factory from heat, stay cool, and avoid moisture, is the best choice that we made for this project.

Besides, for the roof drainage system of the factory, we choose to use PVC D90 water pipe. With its durability and high durability, PVC D90 water pipe is very suitable for use in humid environments that are wet, corroded, or subject to high water pressure. Choosing the right water pipe will bring the best efficiency for the whole project.

Finally, the choice of BMB Steel to use M5.6 anchor bolts, electrolytic zinc plating, threaded ends, M4.6 purlin connection bolts, electrolytic zinc plating of M8.8 frame link bolts, etc., contributes to the connection of mechanical parts in machinery. Mechanical parts in machinery, manufactured with high-quality carbon steel meeting international quality standards, can withstand strong tension, have high strength, and are cost-effective.

4. Detailed pictures of project construction

Some pictures of the project in progress

Some pictures of the project in progress
Some pictures of the project in progress

"New Apparel Far Eastern Factory" can be said to be one of the projects marking the long-term cooperation of BMB Steel and New Apparel Far Eastern Co., Ltd. The successful NAFE factory is also a source of pride for BMB Steel, and in the future, we will be able to go with customers on many new projects.

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