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Newsletter No 1.2023


8 months ago
What keeps you going isn't some fine destination but just the road you're on, and the fact that you know how to drive.
1 year ago
18 years old is when one is ready to leave our family for starting our own journey. Whereas an 18-year-old company is no longer new as an 18-year-old girl or boy; it should be really mature.Maturity isn’t merely a trip. It’s a journey filled with experiences and lessons. It’s the path of improving and accepting ourselves. At the age of 18, sometimes we need an environment, a chance, and a context to show our innermost self.Keep pursuing our dreams and show our true selves.Be creative and find every possible way to address any challenge we meet on the way.Stay optimistic.Mature or not, it depends on ourselves.
1 year ago
Not going back or not turning back. Not turning back does not mean letting go of the past, because sometimes we revisit the past to be motivated by it. Not going back or looking forward. Looking forward is to open a new page in our life and write more milestones for the next chapters. Not going back is to look straight ahead and to leave the darkness behind.
1 year ago
A good action changes a person's fate and helps to soothe the world of unfortunate people. Are you ready to offer your hands to help and "make a good life" with people?
2 years ago
Because life is a race and each of us has its own race. At BMB, we have a common path to win. At certain times, there will be “winners”, “losers” who stumble and slow down on the paths. But the important thing is that we have to try to overcome challenges, overcome ourselves to win ourselves. The road ahead may be long, arduous, but together we will continue to stand firm and conquer new races.
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