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Quotation for economical factory design in 2022


In the explosion of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the upcoming Fifth one, factories are increasingly expanding to promote the growth of the nations. However, business owners and contractors must have a particular budget to build from the factory designs to build a factory. Today, let's find out with BMB Steel the quotations of economical factory design 2022 in the article below.

1. The mandatory role of the factory design before construction

1.1 Help contractors and engineers understand the overall project

Thanks to the design drawings, businesses will have a clear overview of the expected investment costs for the factory, avoiding incurred costs when constructing.

With the design drawing, engineers and workers only need to work on the available information to save time and optimize workability. In addition, the design drawings will help the contractor or supervisor control the quality of the work.

The factory design quotation gives an overview to the investment owners thanks to the drawings
The factory design quotation gives an overview to the investment owners thanks to the drawings

1.2 Convenience and cost saving

Businesses calculate materials based on a pre-drafted design drawing is the critical factor that directly influences the cost of building a factory.

Currently, most businesses tend to apply the pre-engineered steel factory model because its material brings many long-term benefits with low costs.

1.3 Gain trust from your partners

The well-designed factory design will make your brand trusted and increase the chances of long-term cooperation. This directly affects the value and reputation of the company, bringing satisfaction between the two parties. Besides, there is a high probability that customers will refer you to work with other companies.

2. Expenses in the factory design quotation

With each type of construction, there will be different costs in the factory design quotation. Here are the costs for each item of the factory design:

  • Cost of building the foundation: Building materials to make the foundation and labor costs.
  • Cost of pre-engineered steel frame: Prices will be different depending on the type of steel from brands.
  • Cost of corrugated iron roof: This cost is mainly based on the type of corrugated iron and the brand that produces it.
  • Cost of erecting purlins: Enterprises should use high-quality corrugated iron and purlins to ensure the quality of construction works.
  • Cost of the factory's door system: The factory's system and the adjustable door system require a standard design with a dependent cost.
  • Cost of factory wall construction: Factory walls are usually built with cement and brick materials to ensure the safety of the entire factory.

3. Factors affecting factory design quotation

3.1 Factory function

The function of the factory will be determined by the construction method, the selection of suitable materials, or the structure of the building. Specifically, building a factory with the function of a warehouse will have a lower cost than a factory for producing heavy machinery.

3.2 Scale and area of ​​the factory

Based on the current market price, the construction unit price of large-scale factories will have a lower factory design price than the same type with a small area.

The factory’s scale affects factory design quotation
The factory’s scale affects factory design quotation

3.3 Factory models are chosen by most customers

The customer's model (modern or classic, expensive or low-priced materials) will affect the factory design price. In addition, the accompanying accessories requested by the customer also significantly impact the design quotation.

For instance, accessories such as ventilation doors, panel doors, canopy roofs, etc., will increase the cost of factory design.

3.4 Actual construction conditions

This is considered a crucial factor affecting the factory design price, including geographical location, construction location, actual construction conditions, etc. will directly affect the costs.

Construction conditions affect factory design prices
Construction conditions affect factory design prices

4. Experience in choosing a factory design contractor

To choose a quality and reputable factory design contractor, customers can refer to the following criteria:

  • Review and evaluate the company's operating records. Ensure the construction company has industry experience and high reviews from previous customers.
  • Choose a contractor with sufficient business licenses and a competent authority licenses this contractor.
  • The staff is highly skilled and professional to ensure the ability to handle problems before some situations arise.
  • The construction contractor has a team of staff to supervise and monitor the construction of the factory so that customers can comfortably choose
  • The construction contractor has a straightforward design and construction process and provides complete information about the project when requested by the customer.

Above is a price list of economical factory designs in 2022 and some related information that BMB Steel wants to share with your business. Hopefully, the information we share will help your business in the process of developing construction works for your purposes. Don't hesitate to contact BMB Steel for advice and answers if you have any questions.

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