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Take notes when building a pre-engineered factory


The construction of pre-engineered factories is increasingly favored by many advantages such as saving construction time on any site, reducing on-site work, reducing labor costs, and shortening the construction schedule. If you are still hesitant about whether to choose to build a factory with a pre-engineered steel frame, let's learn about the construction process of a pre-engineered factory with BMB Steel below.

1. Pre-engineered factory structure

Pre-engineered factories are buildings made entirely of steel frames. Factory components can be assembled in whole or in part in a factory, then shipped to the site and reassembled according to pre-existing blueprints.

To build a pre-engineered factory, we need to understand the main structure of this type of construction. The prefabricated building is composed of the following parts:

Prefabricated factory construction
Prefabricated factory construction
  • Foundation structure system: The factory foundation helps to transfer the load above to the ground below, ensuring the factory can stand. Pre-engineered factories use foundations poured with reinforced concrete. The types of foundations commonly used in the construction of pre-engineered steel buildings are tape foundations, raft foundations, single foundations, or pile foundations, depending on the geology and load of the building.
  • Factory floor: It is usually poured with concrete, and below is a compacted sand base layer, above sprayed with epoxy paint or polished. The thickness of the foundation depends on the density and a load of machinery and vehicles that are expected to be used in the factory. The thicker the concrete base layer, the better the bearing capacity of the factory.
  • Main structural frame system: The main frame system of a pre-engineered steel building includes columns, beams, and steel trusses combined to form a solid space system for the building. This is the main component to bear the load of pre-engineered steel buildings. The connection between beams and columns is a hard connection to bring stability to the building.
  • Purlins and bracing system (roof bracing, column bracing, purlin bracing): Purlins are usually made of galvanized steel that supports the top corrugated iron roof system along with the main frame. The bracing system helps to increase the stability of the main structural frame system.
  • Sky door and canopy: The skylight is arranged on the top of the factory in order to ventilate the factory during production activities.

Canopy is a lobby roof system that has the effect of shading the sun and rain at locations such as doors and windows to avoid weather affecting product quality.

  • Corrugated iron roof system: The roof is made of colored corrugated iron and is equipped with an additional layer of insulation by airbags or glass wool to prevent heat and noise in the workshop.
Pre-engineered factory construction 
Pre-engineered factory construction 

2. Steps to build a prefabricated factory

The process of building a complete pre-engineered factory consists of three main stages: design, processing of components, and erection at the site.

2.1 Factory design

The contractors assigned the construction task will survey the topography, ground, geographical and climatic factors at the construction site. After that, the architect will rely on the surveyed factors to come up with a set of factory drawings and options for technology and techniques to be used in construction.

2.2 Fabrication of components

When the investor accepts the design drawings, the construction contractor will embark on the construction of the foundation and manufacture the components that make up the factory. The components are manufactured in professional facilities by modern machinery and must ensure 100% of the technical requirements to ensure the safety of the workshop after assembly.

Factory drawing details
Factory drawing details

2.3 Erection of steel structures at the construction site

As we mentioned above, the steel structure components, after being manufactured, will be brought to the construction site for assembly according to the available design. Steel structures will be connected by high-strength bolts. Finally, the contractor will perform stages such as installing electricity and water systems, fire protection, building surrounding walls, installing sanitary equipment, etc.

3. How much does it cost to build a pre-engineered factory?

There is no set amount of cost to build a pre-engineered factory. The cost of building a factory depends on the area of ​​your factory, as well as the cost of materials at the time of construction. Therefore, please contact BMB Steel for detailed advice to get the closest cost estimate. However, below we will mention some costs you need to pay attention to, such as:

Actual cost of building a factory
The actual cost of building a factory
  • Cost of construction materials: includes the cost of buying raw materials, the cost of auxiliary materials, and the cost of completing the work.
  • Labor costs: including costs for contractors, architects, main workers, sub workers, and cleaning staff.
  • Expenses for machinery and equipment: include costs for machinery such as excavators, structure erection machines, cement mixers, transport vehicles, and some other machinery and equipment.
How much does it cost to build a pre-engineered factory?
How much does it cost to build a pre-engineered factory?

We can clearly see that constructing a pre-engineered factory is basically a way to optimize the cost and construction time but still ensure the quality of the work for businesses. BMB Steel is always ready to accompany your business to build a safe and quality construction.

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