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Top 10 beautiful industrial factory models in 2021


Currently, industrial factories and warehouses are required to meet some standards such as modern design, suitable capacity, and reasonable price. To have an overview of the industrial factory, let’s explore with BMB Steel and refer to the top 10 industrial factory models below. 

For the time being, the industrial factory is widely paid attention to its integral role in production. Along with the recent industrialization process in Vietnam, the demand for renting available factories and warehouses in the industry has also soared up.

1. Small-scale factory

Made from sturdy materials, the small-scale factory buildings still meet the criteria of compactness and high-quality structure. Factory designs often use white paint in accordance with modern industrial factory standards. In addition, white paint protects workers from the heat during work. Besides, the expense for building a small factory is also relatively low because of the size of the factory.

The small-scale industrial factory model

The small-scale industrial factory model

Regularly, the small-sized pre-engineered factories are built in a comparatively small area. Regardless of that, it is relatively effective because it both meets two requirements: the demand of small production and utilizing it. Besides, it makes use of the land area and minimizes the cost of renting or land purchase. 

Pre-engineered industrial factories and warehouses

Pre-engineered industrial factories and warehouses

In addition, to limit the expenses incurred, factories often take advantage of the modest land area and the factory building frame to renovate into offices. Simultaneously, this design makes it easier for the operation between factories and offices to be unified and efficient.

Pre-engineered industrial factories and warehouses

Pre-engineered industrial factories and warehouses

To shorten the construction time and ensure the building’s quality,  small pre-engineered factories and workshops are professionally constructed using high technology and lightweight steel frames. Builders often use corrugated iron for walls to save costs but still meet the requirements of a small factory. The bottom of the window frames is made of sturdy bricks to prevent rainwater spills. With the application of the above methods, the structure of small factory buildings still ensures the construction standards of other large projects.

Model of a small pre-engineered steel factory

The small-sized pre-engineered steel factory is also often used for factories of the packaging industry. It is built with open and bright windows, roof doors to absorb the daylight and save energy.

2. Medium-sized factory 

With a larger production scale, owners often use medium-sized factories. The medium-sized industrial factory has a larger area. It serves the needs of many investors and businesses. With the modern and comfortable construction, it ensures high performance and productivity for the building. In addition, with the advantage of a wider area, it is possible to use and assemble more prominent production lines but still have enough space for moving in the factory.

Nhà xưởng tiền chế trung bình

It is not complicated to combine offices and specialized workshops in a medium-sized factory because it has larger space than the small-sized one. Thus, it becomes a more professional working environment. In the medium-scale factory, all categories are adequately built, along with the installed production and living system will ensure the quality and minimize incurred risks.

Nhà xưởng tiền chế trung bình

The medium-sized factory model has a wide range of selections from shapes to sizes. Depending on the needs and using purposes, it can be built as a workshop with two roofs, high or low roofs. Thus, it will effectively drain rainwater; simultaneously, the wind and light slits are created around the entire building and the roof to maximize productivity. The wind and light from slits will increase the efficiency in use and save energy. Besides, the spacious main door makes it convenient for product transportation by truck.

Mẫu nhà xưởng, nhà kho tiền chế trung bình

The medium-sized pre-engineered steel factory has a spacious but straightforward design that uses a relatively large structure to open and widen the space. The building foundation is made from concrete to create certainty when moving. The roof is from a corrugated iron roof with light slits to absorb light effectively. This project is suitable for the textile industry or food production, etc.

3. Large-scale factory 

Some pre-engineered factories are built in clusters. They require large-scale production such as heavy metal industries, automobile manufacturing, electronic and accessories production. Because of the large-scale production, the factory area has to ensure the production process, as well as the vehicle, can move in the factory quickly.

Nhà xưởng công nghiệp lớn

The large-scale industrial factory is a combination of many smaller factories built relatively close to each other. With the purpose of large production and renting, most large-scale factories are built according to the same design but have different sizes.

Nhà xưởng công nghiệp tiền chế lớn

Large clusters of factories make the industrial environment more modern. We can easily find them in developed countries. However, in Vietnam, factories with such a large scale are also gradually appearing.

Nhà xưởng, nhà kho công nghiệp tiền chế lớn

In the article above, BMB Steel has introduced Top 10 beautiful and cost-saving modern industrial factory models. Follow us to read more construction information in the following articles to update the modern pre-engineered steel building trends.

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