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Wednesday, 02-09-2020

There were mixed emotion after one-day visit to Chung vien, Thilawa province, 40km away from Yangon ( the most developed city of Myanmar). right here the monks gathering and educating about 400 orphans
Thilawa is a province with potential deep-water port and industrial zone in myanmar in a near future. At the moment, Thilawa is a every amazing place attracting foreign investors’  attentions when coming Myanmar. Although, Thilawa remains enjoying a peaceful rural area with trees, fresh air, and calm feeling for visitors
it’s so surprised and joyful when seeing funny eyes, transparent laughing of children aging 6 to 11/12 years old, their favorite food is ice-cream with syrup and I remember that was the one i also enjoyed my during my primary school 30 years ago, And their play-game seesaw in pagoda ground is a stump of century-old tree laying solitarily
BMB Myanmar office staff have enjoyed very meaningful social activities, we appreciated that we received much more from the children about “innocence – unaffectedness – optimism”, and also silently admired monks whom having extraordinary energy to educate and take care of above 400 children