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Why BMB is uniquely positioned to be a steel building supplier of choice to many companies.

Quality products – All members of the BMB Steel producers association enjoy international standards organization certification ISO 9001:2008 and BMB Steel products enjoy certification of recommendations of many large repeated clients.

Competitive pricing – Investments in technology provide state-of-the-art production facilities and new production technologies mean that BMB Steel can offer quality products at consistently competitive prices.

Experienced & skilled workforce – Excellent standards of training and education ensure an expert workforce for the highest production standards.

Proven Production Capacity to meet growth in future levels of demand – BMB Steel is the largest producer in Vietnam.

Latest technologies – Production techniques integrate world-standard technological practices, such as the world’s most productive welding, cutting, and blasting machines.

Modern infrastructure – Consolidated investments have provided BMB Steel with a world-class infrastructure meaning it can get its steel products faster to market.

Proximity to markets – BMB Steel is factories and official position on a very close distance of the industrial market means it can respond to demand quickly and on time.

Continued Investments – BMB Steel continues to invest in upgrading, enhancing and improving production methods and in innovative products.