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North Office of BMB Steel Company sponsored a charity on Jan 14th, 2012. We cooperated with Dinh Quan Pagoda Charity Group to give the gift on at four hospitals in Hanoi (K2 Hospital, Hospital of Agriculture, Trau Quy Psychiatric Hospital, and the Bach Mai Hospital). The team gave a vegetarian cake, candy, and more than 100 million lucky money to poor patients to celebrate Tet. The visit made patients who encounter severe diseases delighted. We hope that those patients will welcome the new year of happiness and peace.




The first images at K2 Hospital

The K2 hospital patients in the hall to meet and talk with Dinh Quan
Temple's nuns and Buddhists.

A doctor calls patients to receive gifts.

The patients were crying before the philanthropists of the temple.
because of emotions

Visit and give gifts to patients in Agriculture hospital

Small gifts dispel a little of the sadness of having Tet at
the hospital

Mr. Taro (BMB head offices in the North) - Sponsors for charitable gifts to patients.

A patient is not lucky enough to celebrate Tet in the hospital.

Give gifts for patients at K2 hospital.

Mr. Taro talked with young patients with cancer.

The joy mother and child who received gifts and red packets

Hand the cake with choked emotion


In addition to investment in education, such as building schools and awarding scholarships to students, BMB Steel is always supporting people's quality of life in areas affected by natural disasters.

1 month ago

On Jan 10, BMB Steel presented the gift, clothing, and medicine to Bo Tham Primary School, Can Nong, Thong Nong, Cao Bang, Vietnam.

4 months ago