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Charity works at Cambodia

On the occasion of the Khmer New Year 2015 - the Board of the Directors and Cambodia office staff were visiting the Sihanouk Ville called Pich Nil to offer gifts that had been enthusiastically donated by ourselves.   
Those photos below are about the charity we provide to poor people along the way to Sihanouk Ville called Pich Nil. They are 200 low-income families, to the older, single parent and the homeless.
We are so happy when giving them 200 gift sets. Hopefully, with these small gifts from us, they will have a new year with luck, success, healthy.
With BMB STEEL culture, charity works great need to help poor people where BMB STEEL offices are located.
Charity works at Cambodia
Charity works at Cambodia 1
Charity works at Cambodia 2
Charity works at Cambodia 3
Charity works at Cambodia 4
Charity works at Cambodia 5
Charity works at Cambodia 6
2 days ago
To spread joy as well as share love with children in difficult circumstances on the night of the full moon festival, on September 28, 2023, the BMB Love School Foundation completed its mission in the "Joy for Children" program with more than 200 gifts given to children studying at Binh Trieu, Thu Duc district.
3 months ago
We came to the home of Mai Chan Saint Joseph on the afternoon of June 23, 2023, and despite the rain and storm, it was impossible to stop the determination of the car filled with love that BMB sent to the elderly and children here.
4 months ago
This time the BMB bus rolled to Ha Giang, a land that was not favored in terms of both terrain and climate. We came back to help these lovely upland children because we always believe that when you grow up, you will be as strong as the way you have grown up.
4 months ago
This time, BMB Love School comes to Thien An's home with the purpose of sharing love and respect with the elderly and young children. Hopefully,  with this spread, BMB will bring a lot of laughter to the children and elderly. 
1 year ago
Perhaps few of us have ever had life experiences as highlanders on the border. So are you curious about the life of people living in the furthermost area of a country? Follow the charity group of BMB Steel Thailand to have more experiences about the situation and energy of the people here!
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