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Opportunity opens with the "huge" Nam Ha Shoes Factory Project


"With the available potentials and advantages, along with a solid foundation, there are quite comprehensive achievements in socio-economic aspects that the province has achieved in recent years, especially when the two Northern Expressways (South and East) are open to traffic, Phan Thiet airport is completed and put into use, and Binh Thuan will meet important conditions to make a strong breakthrough. National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue delivered a speech. The project "Nam Ha Footwear Factory" is also one of the projects chosen by Nam Ha Vietnam Shoes Co., Ltd. in this province to lay the first bricks to build its factory. Below is the detailed article on the project "Nam Ha Footwear Factory We invite everyone to follow BMB to learn about this typical project!

1. Overall information about the project

From a poor, purely agricultural province, Binh Thuan has undergone a strong transformation, becoming a well-developed province in the North Central and Central Coast regions and becoming a national energy and tourism center. National marine sport calendar Therefore, many domestic and foreign investors come to Binh Thuan to invest, one of which is Nam Ha Vietnam Shoes Co., Ltd.

Here is some preliminary information about the project:

Project Name

Nam Ha Shoes Factory

Owner Name

Nam Ha Vietnam Shoes Co., Ltd.


Duc Linh District, Binh Thuan Province

Construction contractor

BMB Steel

Total land square

35,000 sqm

Gross weight (tons)

2,000 tons


4 months


2. Nam Ha Shoes Co., Ltd.

Nam Ha Vietnam Shoes Co., Ltd. is a Vietnamese shoe manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality men's, women's, and children's footwear. The company was founded in 2005 and has since become an industry leader, known for its innovative designs and competitive pricing. Nam Ha Shoes offers a wide range of styles, including casual, formal, and sports shoes, and has a strong presence in both domestic and international markets.

In 2018, the Provincial People's Committee assigned Nam Ha-Duc Linh Co., Ltd. to be the investor of the Nam Ha Industrial Cluster with an area of 70.42 ha. At present, the investor has completely built the infrastructure of the industrial cluster; specifically, it has treated the entire industrial cluster; invested in traffic routes connecting to industrial clusters and internal traffic routes; completed the drainage system; planted trees; and built a wastewater treatment plant. The investor has also attracted a project for a footwear factory to fill the industrial cluster with an area of 48.6 ha. Nam Ha Shoes Co., Ltd. is investing in a factory in phase 1 with an area of about 15 hectares, expected to go into operation in the third quarter of 2023, creating jobs for about 7,000 workers. Phase 2 is expected. investment in the years 2024–2025, creating jobs for about 20,000 workers.

Shortly, Nam Ha Vietnam Shoes will develop even more strongly because of the mission, vision, and goals of the leadership and the hard work and expertise of all company employees. Bringing Nam Ha shoe brand to international reach and Vietnamese shoe brand leaving more and more good impressions in the hearts of foreign customers.

3. Project details

Nam Ha Footwear Factory is one of the large and highly complex projects for which BMB is honored to be the main contractor. This factory project has a total area of up to 35,000 m2 and uses nearly 2,000 tons of steel to serve it. Understanding the importance and expectations of the investor, Nam Ha Vietnam Footwear Co., Ltd., we begin to work energetically every day, hopefully with a spirit of love and professionalism. With the enthusiasm of BMB staff, the project will be completed soon, ensuring its aesthetics and high quality and proudly handing it over to the investor.

As for corrugated iron, we chose Klip-lock corrugated iron with a thickness of 0.48 mm, which is a trapezoidal corrugated iron with stiffening edges. This wave type is characterized by high stiffness, symmetry, and grooves. very large drainage, absolutely overcome screw foot leak, high resistance to wave overflow, perfect solution for sun protection, sound insulation, and heat insulation, suitable for all projects with even the smallest roof slope. The special Kliplok sheet is designed with very high positive waves; the wave foot helps to increase the stability of the product, withstands large impact forces, has perfect sound and heat insulation, is highly resistant to overflow, and completely overcomes the screw foot. Kliplock corrugated iron is soundproof, has perfect insulation, is light and hard, is resistant to moisture and water absorption, is a simple installation solution, has high durability, and causes no environmental pollution. In addition, this form of corrugated iron also increases its aesthetic life as well as its fire resistance. Saving purlin costs, installation labor, and management costs because of fast construction, guaranteed progress, high-rigidity products, and easy transport.

On the last day of staying with the Nam Ha Factory project, there is the cleaning step. BMB always upholds the image of real works to ensure aesthetics when handing them over to investors. Besides, occupational safety is always given special attention by BMB so that the project can be completed smoothly without any problems during construction. That is part of the reason that the investor has chosen the services of BMB for his project.

Nam Ha Shoes

4. Detailed pictures of project construction

The project "Nam Ha Vietnam Shoe Factory" is closed after 4 months of construction. BMB would like to thank the investor, Nam Ha Vietnam Footwear Co., Ltd., for trusting BMB as the main contractor. this time for this special project. The project is not only the driving force but also the perfect finished product that BMB always keeps in mind. Up to now, the Nam Ha Shoes Factory has been put into operation. I hope Nam Ha Vietnam Shoes Co., Ltd. will grow more and more, and I hope in the future your company will expand its territory further and again. continue to choose BMB as a companion. How about you? Through this article, have you had a new look at pre-engineered steel building services? If you are still wondering about this service, do not hesitate to contact BMB right away!

Nam Ha Shoes

Nam Ha Shoes

Nam Ha Shoes


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