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BMB Steel was honored for the first time to be voted as the "HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2021" organized by HR Asia - the prestigious leading magazine on human resources in Asia. 

The "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" award is rigorously evaluated and selected by HR Asia magazine leading international human resource experts. The award selects qualified companies in 12 countries and regions across Asia, such as Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. With independent assessments and in-depth surveys from more than 30,000 employees of 581 businesses in Vietnam, the award honors businesses, entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations with a desirable working environment. It upholds the value of people in an organization. Based on categories such as personnel structure (core), individual (self), and collective (group) in the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) to select the best candidates at the award ceremony. The award ceremony was held in Ho Chi Minh City on February 23, 2022, with the participation of BMB Steel and nearly 100 famous enterprises in Vietnam.

BMB Steel attended to receive the HR Asia Award
BMB Steel attended to receive the HR Asia Award

2021 is a challenging year for BMB Steel as well as for the construction market. The Covid-19 situation at that time had become complicated, which forced many businesses to cease all production and business activities. Understanding the problem, the Board of Directors has proposed many solutions for all BMB Steel employees to work confidently. Specifically, the Factory Management Board made very quick and timely decisions in preparing more facilities for the entire BMB Factory before the Government applied "3 on-site" from June 21, 2021. By strictly applying and following the directives from the authorities, BMB Steel has quickly adapted to ensure the health and mental safety of the factories' employees get ready to maintain the production activities. In addition, the office departments are also under the direction of the Board of Directors from providing spiritual and material support during the Covid-19 pandedemic. Applying the human resource management model based on digital transformation, BMB Steel has gradually adapted to complete all targets in 2021.

According to Ms. Nguyen Lan Quynh, HR Manager - Human Resources Department, the continuous effort of all employees is the key factor to make BMB Steel one of the best places to work in Asia. "In addition to always trying to improve employee's benefits over the years, the working environment at BMB always appreciates the dynamic and colorful spirit of the young generation of employees. At BMB, the Board of Directors always creates opportunities for all BMB employees to show their best abilities to record in the overall development of the company." In 2021, the Board of Directors and Human Resources Department conducted many policies to support employees through organizing internal activities and professional training on digital platforms. In addition to spiritual support, BMB-ers also received food and especially an insurance package to protect themselves during the pandemic.

Mr. Pham Phu Anh Tai's speech at the awarding ceremony
Mr. Pham Phu Anh Tai's speech at the awarding ceremony

At the HR Asia Award 2021, Mr. Pham Phu Anh Tai - Deputy Director of BMB Steel, shared, "BMB Steel has a working environment that fully concentrates on humans. All employees here are free to give opinions to contribute and work together. Here, we have no distance between boss and employee - Together, we build a dynamic working environment to become an ideal workplace for talented people across the country. The "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" award is one of the proofs of the company's vision, mission, and core values. We will always strive to build an even better workplace so that we can continue to stand here not only this year but the years to come."

BMB Steel will have many policies to promote the human resource management model

In 2022, BMB Steel will have many policies to promote the human resource management model, such as improving employee competency assessment processes and organizing more internal activities. As Ms. Nguyen Lan Quynh also shared, "The fact that BMB won the prize 'Best Companies to work for Asia 2021' brought a feeling of pride to all employees. This is a milestone and a big motivation for the HR department to continue improving benefit programs on the basis of Unity - Love - Respect. Besides, in 2022, the HR department aims to become an HRBP - stands for Human Resource Business Partner. The HRBP will work with other departments to jointly carry out HR strategies, helping to align with the business goals of the whole company."

New goals in 2022 of BMB Steel
New goals in 2022 of BMB Steel

In the following development process, the development orientation of BMB Steel is still taking people as the core, promoting the training and improving employees' skills, building an environment without power distance, creating friendly, comfortable, and accessible working environments. BMB Steel believes this will be a place where "me" and "you" together build a better future and develop more sustainably.

2 weeks ago
During the special days at the beginning of the new year, BMB Steel hopes that good things and luck will come to the company and BMBers.
1 month ago
BMB Steel's new headquarters, with a completely new appearance, was officially opened and put into operation on January 18, 2024.
1 month ago
VNR500 - Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam was announced to honor the largest enterprises in Vietnam, making great contributions to the development of the Vietnamese economy and promoting corporate brands to the community through domestic and international business contracts.
2 months ago
On December 22, 2023, at the Park Royal Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, BMB Steel organized a special training session on the topic "Stress Management" with Dr. Hoang Minh To Nga as a speaker. To improve soft skills for BMBers, the training session revolved around stress-related issues such as "Is stress scary?" and "Is it good to not have stress?".
3 months ago
On November 24, 2023, BMB Steel was honored to connect with and accompany all students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in the 2023 job fair. The program attracted many students to participate, especially students of the Department of Construction Engineering.
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