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Industrial factory design 60,000m2 for medium-sized enterprises


Valuable buildings such as factories are one of the fundamental assets of an enterprise that determines many factors leading to the formation and development of large and small enterprises in Vietnam. This is the first stage that investors must pay special attention to as well as need to carefully analyze to have a long-term strategic orientation in business.

Therefore, the design of the factory is significant so that the factory can match the business model that the enterprise is aiming for as well as meet the large scale of production. The type of factory of 60,000m2 is recently being favored and directed by a large number of businesses. Thus, what are the characteristics and advantages of the 60,000m2 factory design? Let’s find out with BMB Steel in this article!

Small industrial factory design drawing

Small industrial factory design drawing

1. Special features when designing a factory of 60,000m2

The special feature of the industrial factory design 60,000m2 factory is that it serves the needs of many production models of medium and large enterprises. Because of its great advantages, the 60,000m2 factory will bring many features that a workshop has. Outstandingly, it will overcome the disadvantages of small factories.

The trend of restructuring high-quality products continues to take place evidently in the product manufacturing process. Products must achieve high standards and good quality in order to distribute to the domestic and international market. Therefore, the factory with an area of ​​​​60,000m2 is preferred because it will solve the disadvantages of barriers such as capital; scale, experience, etc for businesses. Investment owners will not have to manage cash flow regularly because of the costs incurred when renting a large factory. Otherwise, they can completely build a 60,000m2 factory to meet their needs.

Simulation drawing of the 60,000m2 factory construction stage 

Simulation drawing of the 60,000m2 factory construction stage 

2. Structure of the industrial factory 60,000m2

The structure of the 60,000m2 factory has the same main structure as other factories.

Foundation: The 60,000m2 building has a deep and complex foundation, which has the function of determining the factory load. It depends on the construction terrain to choose the foundation for the factory structure.

Column bracing system and roof bracing: the structure of the factory is protected and stabilized through the bracing system. This structure will decide whether the factory is deformed during construction or not, so roof bracing is a crucial factor during factory construction.

Steel columns, steel beams: Steel columns and steel beams are closely linked with the walls and roof to determine the overall structure of the factory. Using steel columns need to ensure that the size is suitable for the area of ​​​​the industrial house.

General of the industrial factory design

General of the industrial factory design

3. Advantages of a factory of 60,000m2

  • High durability in productivity.

The 60,000m2 factory has a large area, so it will be fully equipped with necessary equipment for the production and distribution of goods. The enterprise will achieve the purpose of long-term use and will not encounter the situation of improving and upgrading the factory many times.

  • Flexible design, easy to manage.

The large factory structure will be easy to allocate to manage small workshops and more closely link in the production stages, this helps the factory to have a clear sequence of operations to create a modern working environment with high efficiency.

Detailed drawing of the industrial factory design 60,000m2 

Detailed drawing of the industrial factory design 60,000m2 
  • High load-bearing capacity and sturdy.

The factory scale of 60,000m2 meets the standard of being a large factory suitable for medium and large enterprises in our country because it can store a large number of resources in the enterprise to ensure that it is not damaged and affected by the external environment. 

4. Suitable business to choose a factory of 60,000m2

This type of factory is only suitable for medium and large enterprises because factory construction requires a lot of financial potentials. Besides, businesses want to avoid the case that the production capacity does not reach the target and the factory is left empty, which wastes resources and directly affects the company's finances. Therefore, businesses need to consider this carefully before deciding to build a factory to fulfill their development orientation.

Drawing of the industrial factory design 60,000m2 

Drawing of the industrial factory design 60,000m2 

5. Things businesses should pay attention to when choosing to build an industrial factory design 60,000m2 

  • Construction costs.

It is obvious when building a factory of 60,000m2 that the construction cost is high. To prepare for the construction of this factory, it is necessary to prepare materials and a huge labor force. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the company's finances must be fully met to carry out the construction of the factory without interruption.

  • Construction contractor.

With a large and complex factory, the skill of the construction team greatly determines the success of the factory building process. Enterprises must ensure that the contractor is reputable and professional to ensure the construction progress and quality of your factory.

Detailed construction drawing of the frame of the 60,000 m2 factory

Detailed construction drawing of the frame of the 60,000 m2 factory

6. The industrial factory design 60,000m2 samples

There are many beautiful, simple and modern factory designs for businesses to choose from. The 60,000m2 factory can have a variety of designs as follows:

  • Prefabricated factory 60,000m2.
  • Concrete + iron and steel  factory.
  • Factory combined with office.
  • Multi-storey factory.
  • Factory model with many airy windows.
Drawing of industrial factory design 60,000m2

Drawing of industrial factory design 60,000m2

With the above shared information, BMB Steel hopes to help businesses understand the process of the industrial factory design 60,000m2, and how to organize and arrange the reasonable factory area for work. The business is always favorable to gain many successes.

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