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Learn about the Cheng Loong project


Protrade International Industrial Park (PITP) is located in a strategic location in Ben Cat town - Binh Duong province and was established by Ascendas Group Singapore and Protrade Corporation. It has an area of 500 hectares and is divided into 6 phases classified by industrial clusters. PITP is built according to international quality standards with a centralized wastewater treatment plant, full facilities, and complete infrastructure, with the goal of providing businesses and employees with a professional working environment. Here, Cheng Loong Co., Ltd. has chosen to lay the foundation for its "huge" project. Invite everyone to follow BMB to learn about this "Cheng Loong" project!

1. Overall information about the project

Cheng Loong selected BMB Steel as a partner for 4 categories: Packaging workshop, BM2 powder-making plant, crushing room, and main power plant. We undertake the entire process, from production, supply, processing, and erection, for the whole project. The Cheng Loong project has a total factory area of nearly 63,000 m2 and uses nearly 1500 total tons of steel. This is one of the typical projects of great significance in the development of the key economy of the southern region.

Here is some preliminary information about the project:

Project Name

-        The packaging Factory Phase 2

-        The BM2 Factory Phase 2

-        UPK room

-        Electronic Room.

Owner Name

Cheng Loong Corporation


Potrade International Industrial Park, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province

Construction contractor

BMB Steel

Total land square

~ 63.000 m2

Gross weight (tons)

~ 1500  tons


~ 200 days

Cheng Loong Project
Cheng Loong project

2. Cheng Loong Corporation

Established on February 4, 1959, Cheng Loong Corporation (CLC) specializes in papermaking and paper converting. With continual innovation, CLC has launched numerous paper products, constructed a comprehensive paper industry supply chain, and developed into a group through business diversification.

Headquartered in Panchiao District, New Taipei City, we have 5 paper mills and 19 box plants in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam and distribute products worldwide. As one of the world's top 100 paper companies and Taiwan's largest manufacturer of industrial paper products and paper containers, we have an annual capacity of over 2.10 million tonnes of paper products (paper and paperboard) and more than 1.7 billion m2 of paper containers.

In order to improve service quality and enhance operational performance, we are dedicated to product research and development, introducing automated equipment, and improving processes and procedures. In recent years, we have been reinforcing the production-sale integration of papermaking and paper converting and promoting total paper packaging solutions. By implementing green production, energy efficiency, emission reductions, and environmental stewardship for sustainable operations, we have won unanimous recognition from packaging customers and consumers at home and abroad for our innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing and products. These make CLC a green packaging partner of -numerous internationally renowned brands.

3. Project details

When receiving the news of winning the bid for the "Cheng Loong" project with 4 categories: The packaging Factory Phase 2, the BM2 Factory Phase 2, the UPK room, and the Electronic Room from the investor, BMB quickly began to calculate carefully. carefully and decided to transport nearly 1500 tons of steel to Potrade Industrial Park to serve the project on an area of nearly 63,000 m2.

In all 4 categories, we decided to choose Epoxy Nanpao paint. Most of the products of Nanpao Epoxy Paint are of good quality and offer many preeminent features such as high friction, good anti-static ability, anti-rust, and high anti-corrosion. The paint is resistant to chemical environments, solvents, acids, alkalis, salts, moisture, etc. The paint color palette is diverse, the paint film is beautiful, and the paint is solid and has high hardness, so it can withstand abrasion and impact. good beat. Creates perfect aesthetics and protection for painted surfaces. In the paint composition, an epoxy paint solvent is combined with the curing part, so it helps the paint increase adhesion on many surfaces, such as concrete floors, tile floors, steel floors, and wooden floors. Common applications for factories, chemical plants, food factories, basements, swimming pools, and wastewater treatment lakes.

Cheng Loong

4. Detailed pictures of project construction

Cheng Loong Corporation

Cheng Loong Corporation

The project "Cheng Loong" with 4 items: The packaging Factory Phase 2, the BM2 Factory Phase 2, the UPK room, and the Electronic Room from the investor is one of the typical projects of BMB when customers have trusted and selected BMB as the main contractor for projects up to 63,000 m2. This is also a project that marks the great development of BMB, which has fully gained the trust of the big man in the world of "paper production". Hopefully, in the future, BMB will receive the love of customers and develop more and more. How about you? Through this project, have you chosen for yourself any type of construction? If you are still wondering about the type of pre-engineered steel building service we offer, do not hesitate to contact us immediately!

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