Project name: Neumann Coffee Factory Area: The South Area Owner: Neumann Gruppe Vietnam Location: Vietnam
Project name: NEW CS PROJECT Area: The Others Owner: Thai Better Food Location: Thailand
Project name: PCG Project Area: The South Area Owner: PCG Location: Myanmar
Project name: Masan Factory Area: The Others Owner: Masan (Proconco) Location: Binh Dinh, Vietnam
Project name: Primalis Rice Mill Area: The Others Owner: Primalis Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Project name: PRIMALLIS Area: The Others Owner: PRIMALLIS CAMBODIA CO.,LTD Location: Oudong Ward, Phnompenh City, Cambodia
Project name: Kinh Do Area: The South Area Owner: Location: VSIP - Binh Duong
Project name: PEPSICO 512 Area: The North Area Owner: Location: Bac Ninh province
Project name: Cavi Food Area: The Others Owner: Location: Phnompenh - Cambodia