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Social activity in Nov 2012


We arrived in Long An, a poor rural with the bad condition from HCMC, near the border with Cambodia at 9:30 AM under the scorching sun. We were approaching the headquarters of the Committee of Long An. All activities of the movement are held here. It seemed that everyone here had waited for us for a long time. When I saw their austere face with wrinkles, I felt that my heart seemed to be tightened.

Their face turned into happy when more than 500 bags of rice, noodles, and small presents which were carefully wrapped with love were sent to:

-         The single elderly

-         The orphans

After presenting, I looked around. There were many low-roofed houses which were easy to be blown away by the wind. Weeds smelt hot under the scorching sunshine. After all, gifts were given, we continued to go towards 1A highway to district 12 to visit and give presents to orphans and disabled children.

When I was here, I seemed to return to my childhood. The children here had been educated. They could draw their dreams. Their funny and lovely pictures are filled with innocent childhood like crystal.

I saw the children's innocent pictures and suddenly stopped by extraordinary attraction from the picture of a little girl named Linh. I asked her:

-         What are you drawing?

-         “I’m drawing the sun, trees, road…” replied she.

I asked more,

-         How about here? They’re unlike your sisters and mothers here? Who do you draw?

She smiled at me and said: “This is me, these are my parents.”

I commended her and then looked away quickly to hide the tears.

Poor them! Their parents abandoned them as soon as they were born, less than one week old. However, they have still thought of their parents with love and the best things. They have even become stronger to overcome difficulties in life and dreamed of a brighter and happier future.

Finally, the charity trip ended. There were so many bittersweet feelings inside me. But deep inside my heart, I always hope and wish all good things come to them - misfortune little angels.

On December 17, the Philippines office visited and gave 280 families in San Mateo Rizal, affected by the Ulysses storm in November.

4 weeks ago

In addition to investment in education, such as building schools and awarding scholarships to students, BMB Steel is always supporting people's quality of life in areas affected by natural disasters.

2 months ago