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Methods for high standard industrial factory construction in 2021


For the time being, it is vital for businesses to save customers’ spending and meet their strict requirements. Therefore, optimizing the operating cost is the best solution. The factory cost is an integral part of business spending. In the article below, BMB Steel will provide you with some methods for the high standard and economical industrial factory construction in 2021

1. Fundamental principles in industrial factory construction

When surveying and designing drawings, industrial factory constructions are required to meet fundamental requirements. Designers need to have accurate data to create suitable designs for investment costs. Therefore, they work closely with businesses and agencies such as equipment suppliers, carriers, and other services. Thus, they will come up with reasonable and scientific solutions and ensure the construction process.

Fundamental principles in industrial factory construction

In industrial factory construction, the most remarkable requirement is budget. It is significant to reasonably balance the production costs of each separate factory. Additionally, in steel structure and factory construction, you need to carefully investigate the function of every factory, the scale, equipment, and linkage of each segment. Therefore, the production process at factories can occur smoothly and quickly with high efficiency by designing and reasonably arranging components.

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2. Methods for construction of the industrial factory

Methods for construction of the industrial factory

Currently, to meet the increasingly strict requirements of industrial factory construction, it is essential to mention these outstanding advantages:

  • The first, as well as the most crucial factor, is the lifespan of the building. No matter if you use any industrial factory construction methods, you have to ensure the factory’s durability. However, it is problematic for conventional construction to guarantee the highest commitment to durability and longevity. Thus, building a modern industrial factory is a potential solution.
  • Secondly, after many incidents of fire and explosion in factories, the issue of ensuring safety and limiting fire and explosion is a problem that modern industrial factories are dealing with. Modern industrial factories must use construction assurance measures to minimize the risk of fire and explosion and ensure the maximum safety for people as well as material assets in the factory.
  • Third, using industrial factory construction methods can minimize the impact from the outside and increase the resistance ability from nature and irregularities of the weather. Besides, the production can take place typically and continuously in any circumstances.
  • Fourth, when using modern factory construction methods, it is uncomplicated to disassemble and expand the factory because most parts are processed and connected by welds and bolts.
  • Fifth, construction by means of industrial factory construction is now often 20 to 30% more economical than other traditional methods.
  • Sixth, using industrial factory construction methods that meet 2021 standards can quickly repair, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot if necessary.

3. Special notes to focus on when constructing the factory

A standard factory building construction is required to ensure some conditions, such as aesthetics, usability, and durability. Along with a quality drawing, the construction process of the factory must be carried out scientifically and accurately. Therefore, in any factory construction project, it is crucial to pay attention to the following factors:

3.1 The construction of factory foundation 

The solidity of the factory building is the first factor to pay attention to. A solid foundation will ensure the construction’s quality.

  • It is essential to rely on the survey to consider the topography and soil types to apply suitable construction methods during the construction process.
  • On bad weather days such as rain, storms, etc., constructing the foundation is not allowed.
  • It is required to carefully select high-quality standard materials for the construction of the foundation.

3.2 The construction of factory floor 

After constructing the foundation, the floor is the next factor to pay attention to. The factory is the place to store the materials in the production process; it is also the place to bear the most significant force of the whole factory. When constructing the floor, it is indispensable to focus on the thickness of the floor as well as calculate the bearing capacity to suit the business’s desire.

3.3 Erecting, assembling, and constructing the factory structure

The factory structure is the skeleton that supports the entire factory. To get a standard structure, you should pay attention to the following parts: columns, trusses, wooden beams, etc. You absolutely must not miss these components in construction. However, these things should not be redundant to limit the incurred costs.

Erecting, assembling, and constructing the factory structure

The article above has mentioned some notes on industrial factory construction methods. BMB Steel hopes that the information we provide will be helpful to you in the future when constructing your projects. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post.

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