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5+ most famous steel structure projects in the world


Steel structure buildings are widely known for their grandeur and durability over time. BMB Steel's article will introduce the world's 5+ largest and most famous steel structure projects.

1. Walt Disney Theater - Los Angeles (USA)

This is a work that Walt Disney's wife - Mrs. Lillian B. Disney, donated $ 50 million in memory of her late husband. Having been designed by talented architect Frank Gehry, the Walt Disney Theater began construction in 1991 and opened in 2003.

Front view of Walt Disney Theater
Front view of Walt Disney Theater

More than 6,000 stainless steel plates are the key factors that make the curvy details of the theater's exterior. Inside the theater, there are no pillars. The roof's supporting structure is a large steel structure, which is as tight as large sails.

Using metal materials such as steel makes the theater look bright and striking. Gehry calls this the “living room of the city” for the same reason.

2. Leadenhall Building - London (England)

An exclusive architecture from the United Kingdom, the Leadenhall building is also known as "The Cheese Grater" due to its appearance like a giant piece of cheese. Unlike other buildings, this is a 225-meter high office-commercial building that was put into operation in 2014.

The distinctive shape of the Leadenhall building
The distinctive shape of the Leadenhall building

This steel structure building uses a system of steel braces to ensure stability. The building's structures are completely pre-manufactured and shipped in for reassembly. Before that, people painted it with a layer of fireproof paint to prevent fire and explosion incidents. The outside of the building is made of transparent glass. So the entire structural frame can be observed - this is also a highlight of this building.

3. Hockey Stadium - Jaca (Spain)

This project was started in 2005. It took about 24 million euros to complete the entire building. Inspired by Mount Oroel and Mount Pyrenee, the stadium consists of two rinks with steel bearing systems, a concrete structure, and a glass roof. The roof curves straight down to the ground without creating a facade outside the building. Thus, when looked at from a far distance, the building is shaped like a drop of water.

The structure inside the stadium
The structure inside the stadium

This project has helped the cold city of Jaca have a strong development in terms of infrastructure. This place was the venue for the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2007. Hence, it is considered the most typical venue to hold this event.

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge - Australia

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of Australia's most famous landmarks. This is not only the largest steel arch bridge on the planet but also crosses one of the largest harbors. This project took 8 years to build and was put into operation in 1932.

Panorama of Sydney Harbor Bridge
Panorama of Sydney Harbor Bridge

As the waters in Sydney Harbor were quite deep, it was impractical to build supportive columns, so steel arches were assembled from both sides of the bank. Made of 53,000 tons of steel and six million studs, the bridge's dome spans 503 meters. Besides, it is 134 meters above the water.

5. Nebuta-No-Ie Warasse Building - Aomori (Japan)

Superior construction from Asia, the Nebuta-No-Ie Warasse building has an ancient nature, closely related to Nebuta - a traditional Japanese festival. Opened on January 5, 201, this building rapidly became a symbol of Aomori city.

The exterior of the Nebuta-No-Ie Warasse building
The exterior of the Nebuta-No-Ie Warasse building

With a shape inspired by the paper lanterns of the Nebuta festival, this building is made from a structural steel frame, and twisted steel strips surround the outside to create light effects and exits for the building.

6. Tatara Bridge – Japan

The Tatara Bridge connects Hiroshima and Ehime in Japan through the Seto Sea. This is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world with impressive and exclusive architecture. This connection is a series of roads, and the bridge is one of three routes connecting the islands of Honshu and Shikoku. The bridge was inaugurated in 1999 with two lanes in each direction.

The grandeur of Tatara Bridge
The grandeur of Tatara Bridge

Tatara Bridge was originally planned as a suspension bridge, but in 1989 it was changed to a cable-stayed bridge. To reduce the impact on the area's natural environment, experts have suggested replacing it with giant anchors stuck to the bridge.

7. Church of San Sebastian - Manila (Philippines)

San Sebastian Church is one of the historical monuments and national cultural treasures of the Philippines. This building was completed in 1981. At that time, it was the only steel church in the country.

The magnificent beauty of the church
The magnificent beauty of the church

This church was designed to be fire and earthquake-resistant, so the details were carefully calculated and made in Belgium. A total of 52 tons (51 long tons; 57 short tons) of pre-engineered steel were transported in eight trips to the Philippines. Experts have chosen Steel structure works in the field of construction. That has shown the high applicability and optimization in all aspects of this type of construction. Hopefully, the above article has brought you useful information. If you have questions about steel structures and pre-engineered steel buildings, visit BMB Steel to consult our articles.

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