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Steel arch bridge structure with large steel girders


Steel arch bridge structure and large steel box girder are one of indispensable parts in any civil or industrial construction. However, most businesses still do not understand most of the applications of the above parts. Let's find out with BMB in the article below.

1. What are steel arch structural components?

1.1 What is a component?

Components are fundamental parts that are separated from structures in steel structure works. This is a ubiquitous term in the construction industry.

The work related to the structure can be mentioned as the calculation and measurement of internal and external supporting forces.

Components are usually assembled from separate sections or plates, which must use connections, and they connect together to create a complete building.

1.2 What are steel arch structural components?

A structural steel arch structure is understood as a structure formed from an organized combination of specially designed steel structures to meet the customer's technical and architectural requirements.

Steel arch structural components have been widely used in most construction projects because of their flexibility. It can flexibly change the structure's shape into specific shapes, serving the purpose of each construction project.

2. Application of steel arch structure

2.1 Steel arch structural components are mainly applied on very long spans

Today's architectural trend towards freedom of form has increased the popularity of arches for much shorter spans than in the past.

Effective distances are lengthened by steel beams and trusses in simple bends or by indefinite rigid frames, often using the arch form to achieve aesthetics.

Steel arch structural components mainly apply on very long spans
Steel arch structural components mainly apply on very long spans

2.2 Steel arch bridge components are highly effective against compression application

Steel arch bridge components are ideal materials in resisting compressive pressure because of their high tensile and stress resistance properties.

The minimum weight of these components is always straightforward with clean structural detail. The distance between the arranged consolidation points should not exceed 16-20 times the width of the arch.

3. What is the large steel box girder? Advantages of large steel box girders

3.1 What is a large steel box girder?

A large steel box girder is a basic rectangular or square made of steel commonly found in construction.

Large steel box girder structure
Large steel box girder structure

Large steel box girders are usually horizontal or inclined, only affected by bending moment, shear force, or in some other cases may be affected by longitudinal force.

3.2 Advantages of large steel box girders

  • Large steel box girders have a high bearing capacity, especially steel is the material with the most significant bending force.
  • The connection between the large steel box girders is always tight and stable, making the installation process easy and convenient.
  • Time optimization compared to other textures.
  • Savings on construction and maintenance costs thanks to the simple structure of the material properties

4. Application of large steel box girder

4.1 Housing

With the large bearing capacity of this structure, homeowners can expand the house in the direction of increasing the number of rooms and floors to serve their needs.

Steel structure with lightweight helps customers quickly reinforce, repair as well as ensure long-term value and increase the life of the house.

4.2 Industrial buildings

With the highest strength from the corrugated material, the giant steel box girder is the ideal choice for industrial projects.

This steel structure plays a crucial role in the bearing structure system, with the role of supporting the load of the house to the floor.

Application of large steel box girders in industrial buildings
Application of large steel box girders in industrial buildings

4.3 Large span buildings

With its simple structure and lightweight, the giant steel box girder is also suitable for projects that need large spans such as gymnasiums, stadiums, or areas that need large spaces such as airports.

4.4 Multi-storey building frame

Large steel box girders can be found in many high-rise tower buildings in many big cities. For buildings with 20 floors or more, the internal force in the column is enormous, which also means that the structural material must have good rigidity and withstand immense forces.

Above is all information about the steel arch bridge structure and large steel box girder that BMB Steel wants to share with you. Hopefully, with the above information, your business will have the right choice for your own construction project.

If you are having trouble finding materials for your project, consider steel structures. BMB Steel hopes the above article will provide sufficient information about the application of current steel structures. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

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