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Complete and economical quotation for pre-engineered steel building


Are you wondering how to build pre-engineered steel buildings with quality, standards, and cost-effectiveness? In this article, BMB Steel will introduce to you an overview of the construction costs of pre-engineered steel buildings, factories, and warehouses.

1. Fundamental categories of building pre-engineered houses

Hình ảnh các hạng mục thi công nhà thép tiền chế

Construction work will be divided into different parts and categories to be easy and flexible in inputting materials and designing. In general, to build a pre-engineered building, the following categories are required:

  • Foundation: The foundation is the central part of construction to serve as a pillar for the entire structure of the house. It is essential to build the foundation to dig up the soil and install steel systems and underground pillars. Afterward, add the concrete lining above to separate the soil and the foundation. The top concrete will ensure to construct the floor and hold the pillar above.
  • Floor and substructure: In this category, builders will level the foundation to create the original ground, pour stones on the ground to tighten, and then spread canvas to avoid water absorption, making the floor weak and collapse. Finally, pour the concrete layer on the foundation.
  • Wall: Walls were built and connected to each other by steel pillars. They can be built with bricks, or sometimes cold corrugated iron is used to join them together. You can paint and make a waterproof layer to protect your walls.
  • Steel structure part: Steel structures include steel columns, trusses, roofs, and walls. Each part is manufactured, structured, bolted, and welded firmly.

2. List of primary costs of constructing a pre-engineered building

In order to build a pre-engineered building, you need to know in advance the list of fundamental pre-engineered steel building costs includes:

Cost of construction materials

  • Steel
  • Sand, stone, cement, etc.
  • Ton, paint
  • Accessories...

Labor costs

  • Laborers for manufacturing steel structure structures
  • Workers at the construction site...

Costs of construction machines

  • Machinery assisting in transporting materials
  • Machines assembling structures together...

3. Estimate cost of materials for pre-engineered steel buildings

The cost of calculating materials for pre-engineered steel buildings is estimated based on the mass of steel materials used. There is also an area-based cost calculation. The volume of steel needed for the project multiplied by the conventional unit price will estimate about 60% - 70% of the required investment. In addition, there are the costs ​​of other materials along with the cost of hiring labor designing.

Cách ước tính chi phí thi công nhà thép tiền chế

In addition, the investment cost to build a pre-engineered steel building is also calculated based on the unit of ​​m2. Accordingly, each area and each fundamental category has a different construction price. This depends on the company and the construction contractor.

4. Price quotation for constructing a pre-engineered steel building

Construction price is the first thing that the owner is concerned about. Construction cost is low or high depending on the design contractors. However, some factors affect the construction price of pre-engineered buildings, such as the owner's requirements for the work, requirements of materials, and service quality.

Báo giá thi công nhà thép tiền chế

For the time being, there are many specialized companies in the market for building pre-engineered steel frame houses. However, to own the best construction, there is a construction company that you should not ignore - BMB Steel. The company will report the cost of constructing a pre-engineered steel building frame in detail; thus, you can contact the company's hotline number for a detailed quotation.

5. Unit price for construction of a pre-engineered steel building

Đơn giá xây dựng thi công nhà thép tiền chế

The construction of a pre-engineered factory is calculated based on the scale of the work. The building can be a 1-storey, 2-storey, 3-storey building. The unit price is based on each m2. Currently, the cost in the market partly fluctuates between 1.6 million and 2.5 million.

6. Unit price for construction of a pre-engineered  factory or warehouse

Đơn giá thi công nhà xưởng, nhà kho

For pre-engineered factories and warehouses, the construction unit price is from 1.3 million to 2.5 million VND per m2. It also depends on the size and level of the project.

7. Some samples of cost-effective factories and pre-engineered building

When you intend to build a factory or building, you need to have an idea in advance. Discuss your idea with designers to exchange and complete the drawing. This is an essential step for the contractor to review the work and offer a reasonable price. Here are some beautiful and cost-saving factory construction models for your reference.

7.1 1-storey pre-engineered steel industrial factory  

Hình ảnh nhà xưởng công nghiệp thép tiền chế một tầng

7.2 Large-scale 3-storey industrial pre-engineered building 

7.3 Pre-engineered steel factory 

Hình ảnh nhà xưởng thép tiền chế 

7.4 Medium-scale pre-engineered steel factory

7.5 Pre-engineered steel house with a flat roof 

Hình ảnh nhà thép tiền chế mái bằng 

The article above of BMB Steel provides you with some essential information about the construction prices of pre-engineered steel buildings. Hopefully, it will assist you in estimating the budget and choosing a suitable contractor to complete your dream building.

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