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The 3-storey steel structure - Current construction solution


1. What is the role of a three-storey steel structure?

When taking a look at a completed building, the first thing we notice is the appearance of the facades, the overall structure, and the pattern designs. However, a remarkable part to constitute the entire building includes the internal steel structure of the house, especially three-storey pre-engineered buildings.

What is the role of the three-storey steel structure?

What is the role of the three-storey steel structure?

The steel structure plays a crucial role when designing three-storey pre-engineered steel buildings. The structures are steel frames that push the force down to the foundation. It creates the shape of the house. Besides, it is impacted by the force of the building and the outside environment. The solidity and durability of the building can be maintained for a long time or not, depending on the three-storey steel structure.

2. Features of the three-storey steel building structure

The three-storey steel structure is an indispensable structural part of a complete building. It has some features such as:

2.1 The frame part

The frame is the overall steel structure of all three floors. According to the actual site,  the frame is pre-designed before the drawing and proportionally divided on the drawing. After that, engineers will rely on modern machinery’s data and design process to connect the steel frame bars and create an overview of the building.

2.2 The beams and girders

In conventional reinforced concrete buildings, people use wooden beams and girders to support the roof. Meanwhile, in the three-storey pre-engineered steel building, this structure is made from stainless materials, which are lightweight and resistant to bending.

2.3 The partitions

The three-storey steel structure’s partitions are composed of lightweight, soundproof, and heat-insulating materials. In addition, it is possible to design an aluminum or glass sliding door. This creates aesthetics for the building.

2.4 The ceilings and floors

Depending on the needs of the owner, some common materials such as plaster, plastic, wood, and so on are used to make the rough part of the ceiling and floor.

What are the characteristics of a three-storey building?

What are the characteristics of a three-storey building?

Generally, the more meticulously a three-storey steel structure is designed, the more effective and efficient it will be. Architects will flexibly offer backup plans to ensure that the design is suitable for the construction environment and different situations in construction projects.

3. The advantages of 3-storey building steel structure

What are the characteristics of a three-storey building?

3.1 Advantages of 3-storey building steel structure

  • Easy design: Currently, most companies are applying high-tech techniques in construction. Thus, it is easy to design drawings and process the components to complete the steel structure for the buildings.
  • The fast construction: The structures are designed quickly because the erection is not too complicated. Therefore, this type of construction’s time is shorter than the step-by-step construction. The faster building is put into operation, the lower the costs incurred.
  • Good bearing capacity: The bearing capacity of 3-storey steel structure designs is high by virtue of the use of lightweight materials with high durability. The foundations and frames can be built on bad ground.
  • The saving space for the building: The steel frame structure does not require much space. As a result, this feature increases the efficiency of using the area. Besides, it contributes to highlighting the aesthetic effect of the entire building’s architecture.

3.2 Disadvantages of the 3-storey steel structure

The pre-engineered steel buildings with 3-storey steel structures also have some disadvantages such as:

  • The structure is susceptible to corrosion by oxidation
  • The structural material is not effective in direct contact with fire

To overcome this, you need to refer to using paints or external protective materials to keep the steel structure from being directly exposed to external influences. In addition, it is vital to maintain the steel structure to keep the durability of the whole building.

Disadvantages of the 3-storey steel structure

Hopefully, the above information about the 3-storey steel structure will be helpful to you. If you want to design or build a prestigious and high-quality pre-engineered building, don’t hesitate to contact BMB steel for advice and support as soon as possible.

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