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Effective methods to maintain the quality of steel factories in the Western area


Steel is one of the world’s most important construction materials. It is not sure because steel can easily be susceptible to rust, oxidation, and corrosion. So, there is a need to protect it carefully. But, do enterprises work well on maintaining its quality? Look at this writing to find out more about effective methods to maintain the quality of steel factories in the Western area.

1. What is steel? What are some properties of steel?

Steel is a metal that is made of a mixture of Iron and Carbon and other chemical substances, such as Oxygen, Phosphorus, Manganese, etc. In which Carbon substance occupies around 2%.

Properties of steel: hardness, toughness, malleability, elasticity, and solderability. Steel’s malleability depends on the amount of Carbon substance included in the compound.

Steel’ harness
Steel’ harness

2. Types of steel that are commonly used in construction

2.1 Strip steel

Strip steel is a steel product that is made of large and slippery steel sheets rolled together. The strip steel usually has a length of about 0.125 to 4.5mms and a weight of about 200 to 450 kgs. The process of making this type of product is complicated.

Strip steel in construction
Strip steel in construction

2.2 Shaped steel

Shaped steel is a steel product that includes comprehensive shape patterns of letters, such as letters U, I, Z, L, or V, etc. Construction companies usually use this type of steel in building construction, factories, pre-engineered steel buildings, etc.

Shaped steel used in pre-engineered steel building
Shaped steel used in pre-engineered steel building

2.3 Galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe is the type of steel that construction companies use widely in building construction thanks to its high level of hardness and durability, flexibility in installation, and high corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel pipe
Galvanized steel pipe

2.4 Bar steel

There are two types of bar steel that are plain bar and rebar. Bar steel has high elasticity and malleability which can be widely used in modern construction.

Bar steel is widely used
Bar steel is widely used

3. Solutions to maintain the quality of steel factories in the Western area

3.1 Use tarpaulin to cover

Before being put into practice, harsh weather can significantly affect steel construction, leading to rapid corrosion. For this reason, construction companies have to cover the steel factories in the Western area by using large, waterproof, and high-durability tarpaulins.

3.2 Paint on the steel surface

Construction companies must paint the steel surface which is placed outdoors. Painting helps reduce the possibility of rust and oxidation. However, compared to putting steel indoors, this is only the most effective method to protect steel from being damaged.

Paint on the steel surface
Paint on the steel surface

3.3 Place the steel indoors

In order to maintain the quality of the steel product, the most effective method is to place them inside the factories and warehouses. This helps resist damage such as corrosion and oxidation from weather and the external environment. This method also helps protect the steel from being stolen.

However, there are many things that companies must notice when using this method to protect their products:

  • Warehouse staff must place steel on a concrete or wooden layer. If concrete is used, a wooden cushion layer underneath is required. The layer must be around 30cms in height for the ground floor and 10cms in height for the cement floor.
  • Besides making a detailed and careful design of the roof, warehouse staff needs to examine its quality of it to ensure its quality and avoid damage to steel products.
  • The staff must place the steel in dry and low-humidity environments and avoid placing steel in good condition with bad ones.
  • The staff must avoid placing steel in the acid, base area, and rust removal areas in the factories or warehouses.
  • They should clean the place where they put steel to avoid corrosion and oxide.
Steel preservation in the warehouse
Steel preservation in the warehouse

3.4 Produce steel that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation

Steel construction company in the Western area has to make endless effort to develop types of steel that are resistant to rust, oxidation, and corrosion. This helps increase the quality of products as well as reduce maintenance costs.

4. What steel construction contractors do you believe in?

Choosing trustworthy and prestigious steel structure contractors is the first step to the success of the construction. At BMB Steel, we provide high-quality steel products, ensuring the quality of the whole procedure, from designing and fabricating to erecting. We take pride in offering our customers the best products and services

BMB Steel’s preservation of steel products
BMB Steel’s preservation of steel products

Above is all of the information about preserving the quality of steel factories in the Western area. We hope that this information is helpful to you. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us or visit our website at BMB Steel.

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