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Why should you choose pre-engineered steel buildings for agricultural construction?


Agricultural constructions now require a new approach to building and construction. Applying pre-engineered steel in construction is one of the latest construction trends you should know and consider for your project.

1. Strengths of pre-engineered steel building

1.1 Requiring no regular maintenance

Most traditional agricultural constructions are made of wood material, which brings the construction an aesthetic look and capability. However, wood is not a weatherproof material. Within only a few years, wooden constructions can be deteriorated and need maintenance by painting or renewing materials. 

Pre-engineered steel building as a cheap and sustainable alternative
Pre-engineered steel building as a cheap and sustainable alternative

Instead, construction companies can choose pre-engineered steel construction, which does not require regular maintenance. This helps reduce a large number of costs for maintaining or repairing but ensures the durability of the constructions.

1.2 Durable material

Traditional materials can be corroded by insects or damaged by harsh weather. Steel is a durable material that can be used to replace those materials.

Steel construction with high durability
Steel construction with high durability

Steel construction can be weatherproof and can stand all harsh conditions of weather, from heat, humidity, and rain to wind or even noise caused during the production process. Steel material can ensure the durability of the construction. 

1.3 Saving time and cost of construction

Steel framework can be produced in the factory and delivered to the construction place. This process helps reduce a lot of time and labor processing the project.

The pre-engineered steel construction outweighs the traditional construction
The pre-engineered steel construction outweighs the traditional construction

Pre-engineered steel buildings help save a lot of cost of materials, at least 25 - 30% compared to traditional constructions.

1.4 Excellent fire resistance ability

Agricultural buildings can easily catch fire than any other buildings. Steel buildings can be resistant to fire better than other constructions. This is the most outstanding strength of pre-engineered steel buildings compared to different types of buildings. 

1.5 Optimizing space of production

Traditional constructions require large concrete pillars, which occupy a lot of space. Steel framework helps to solve this problem. The structure of the pre-engineered steel buildings does not require large space for construction materials, giving space for production.

Tremendous space inside pre-engineered steel buildings
Tremendous space inside pre-engineered steel buildings

Most steel constructions do not have large concrete pillars, creating a large space for production. You can easily arrange many machines, equipment, or elevators in such a space.

1.6 Assembling, disassembling, and moving quickly and flexibly

Flexibility is one of the most outstanding strengths of steel buildings. Since all steel structure parts are connected to each other by bolt links, they can easily be expanded or narrowed. Moreover, we can quickly move the steel constructions when needed. Because of its flexibility, assembling, dissembling, or moving steel parts is no longer difficult for companies.

2. BMB Steel - one of the trustworthy steel service and product providers

Known as one of the leading steel construction service providers, BMB Steel provides high-quality service and products that consistently satisfy the customer. 

2.1 Products

  • Pre-engineered steel buildings
  • Steel structures

2.2 Services

  • Designing: design, preliminary design, and finally, browser design and shop drawing. Designing service provided by BMB Steel has qualified many international standards and regulations for steel structures and pre-engineered steel buildings.
  • Fabricating: BMB Steel has a large factory for fabricating steel reinforcement.
Steel reinforcement factory
Steel reinforcement factory
  • Erecting: BMB Steel emphasizes all the steps of the construction, from the beginning steps like building the foundation, installing the rafter frame, corrugated iron roofing, and adding necessary accessories to handing over.
  • Safety: All constructions by BMB Steel are under the control of the quality control team to ensure safety. The company emphasizes occupational safety and safety for the building. Worker teams are equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves as well as others.

We hope the article above provided helpful information about the vital role of pre-engineered steel buildings. Look for more details about pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures on our website.

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