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Development history of BMB Steel Construction Company


BMB Steel Construction Company has gone through 18 years of development full of historic landmarks. Let’s look at this writing to learn more about BMB.

1. Introduction to BMB Steel Construction Company

BMB steel is a specialized company in designing, fabricating, and supplying pre-engineered steel building products for many construction facilities such as shipyards, international airports, exhibition centers, hydroelectric power plants, warehouses, factories, workshops, showrooms, cold storages, steel factories, and so on.

Cargill Dong Nai project in charge by BMB Steel
Cargill Dong Nai project in charge by BMB Steel

Being one of the leading pre-engineered steel building and steel structure companies, BMB Steel offers 2 major services that are designing and constructing:

  • Regarding designing: BMB Steel’s drawings strictly follow international standards and provide customers with effective solutions concerning prices and quality, which help the company gain customers’ trust.
  • Regarding construction: BMB Steel offers professional engineers as well as effective calculation software, which allows us to provide customers with an immediate response about general predictions.

2. Development History

BMB Steel is one of the leading construction companies in the Southeast Asia area. The company was first founded in 2004 as a pre-engineered steel building enterprise with the first factory in Binh Duong province. Through many years of developing and branding, BMB Steel now has become one of the largest and most flexible companies in the area, which provides a wide range of products and services, such as producing, fabricating, and erecting pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structure buildings. BMB Steel has been expanding into surrounding countries, such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines, becoming one of the largest steel construction companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia are partners of many construction owners.

3. Vision, Mission, and Core Value

  • Vision: BMB Steel heads to the position of the Pioneer and the Best in Metal Building Designing and Build Contractor in Vietnam, in Asia, and worldwide through making continuous innovations in Quality and Service and meeting unlimited client requirements.
  • Mission: Throughout our business activities, BMB Steel would like to share our knowledge and success, and together with our business partners, to build a better future for all, transmitting Vietnamese knowledge to the world.
  • Core Value: At BMB, we place our priority on human resources and emphasize “Respect - Unity - Love”. We also keep in mind the thought of “be the best and give the best”. Our business principle is to tie relationships with our shareholders on a benefit and development basis. We also commit to showing no tolerance for corruption and complying with the laws and social and moral standards through CSR activities.
BMB Love School Groundbreaking Ceremony in Dien Bien province
BMB Love School Groundbreaking Ceremony in Dien Bien province

4. Reasons why you should choose BMB Steel

BMB Steel provides high-quality products, which ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturers Associations as well as customers recommend use.

With endless efforts in innovating technology and infrastructure, BMB Steel is capable of high-quality products at respectable prices.

BMB Steel emphasizes innovating technology and machinery in factories
BMB Steel emphasizes innovating technology and machinery in factories

Emphasizing training courses, BMB Steel takes pride in providing professional and skillful working teams who can bring their working construction projects the most productivity and best quality.

We continuously innovate and improve productivity by investing in advanced infrastructure in order to meet customers’ unlimited requirements for steel products.
We hope that this writing has brought you more information about BMB Steel - one of the most trustworthy and prestigious construction companies at the current time. If you need to find a construction contractor, contact us or visit our website at BMB Steel for more information.

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