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Practical strategies to protect and maintain construction equipment system


Currently, enterprises are investing in equipment in order to finish the project in as short a time as possible. However, without proper strategies to protect and maintain the equipment system, it will deteriorate quickly and even cause harm to the working place. In this article, BMB would like to provide an overall look at effective strategies to protect and maintain the equipment system.

1. Why maintaining equipment system is important

The equipment system is an essential property of the enterprise. Therefore, it needs handling and maintaining carefully to ensure working efficiency and productivity. 

Proper system maintenance brings about many advantages:

  • Reducing the number of workers injured and damaged by the error equipment system.
  • Reducing the frequency of downtime costs more time in the production process.
  • Improving the life cycle of the equipment helps businesses to save costs.
  • Reducing costs of repairing and fixing.
  • Ensuring the system operates in good condition and produces as many products as possible.
  • Facilitating the equipment handling process and ensuring the factory's construction process is going well.

2. Effective strategies to protect and maintain equipment system

2.1 Making an inventory of equipment and machines that need maintaining

Before the maintenance, the warehouse management must make a list of names, quantities, and locations of all equipment and machines that need maintenance. It is crucial to go through each machine's instruction and activity history to see if it genuinely needs maintenance. Such examination is necessary because it provides a thorough understanding of the equipment and helps offer appropriate handling strategies.

You can search to find out information about CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) in order to store and arrange the machines in the factory. Besides, this software also allows you to schedule the handling and maintenance plan. 

Making an inventory of equipment and machines
Making an inventory of equipment and machines

2.2 Gathering feedback from operators maintainers

Apart from providing the equipment, the operators and maintenance teams have to learn carefully about each machine. You can let them participate in collecting information from them during the production process.

Learning from those workers can help you to decide which machines and which parts of the factory need maintenance. Thanks to that, you can make timely changes and adjustments to improve the quality of the equipment.

Collecting feedback from operators and maintenance teams
Collecting feedback from operators and maintenance teams

2.3 Making a comprehensive list of equipment requiring maintenance

It is crucial to make a comprehensive list of equipment that requires maintenance because it makes the handling and maintenance process more manageable. While making a list, you can search for a reference list on the Internet and then make small changes to adjust to your plan. Because each machine has its own technical specifications, functions, capacity, and other features, the list must include all the required information. Maintaining teams also need to provide detailed information about the time and steps of the maintenance process.

Making a list of equipment that requires maintenance
Making a list of equipment that requires maintenance

2.4 Scheduling plan and assigned preventive maintenance tasks

Preventive maintenance tasks mean maintaining the machines' quality even when there is no error. This helps reduce the possibilities of sudden shutdown, bodily injuries, and property damage.

Based on a list of examinations and features of each machine, the person in charge of the maintenance process will schedule a detailed plan and assign tasks to all maintenance team members. Maintaining tasks include recording the daily operation of the equipment, such as checking the capacity or checking to see if there is leakage, tracking the equipment's operation, and concluding if the machine is working well.

Taking on preventive maintenance tasks
Taking on preventive maintenance tasks

2.5 Following instructions, regulations, and recommendations of the manufacturers

Manufacturers know the machines better than anyone, so the maintenance team needs to follow their instructions, regulations, and recommendations. The documents include tips to deal with troubles and instructions about the maintenance process. Basing on such documents helps the team save costs and do better maintenance. 

Following the manufacturer's instructions
Following the manufacturer's instructions

2.6 Instructing workers to use the equipment properly and providing a well-trained working team

The following instruction while using the equipment helps to maximize productivity as well as minimize the risks and dangers. Therefore, workers must undergo comprehensive training in order to prevent all potential risks.

In addition, maintenance teams also need advanced training about the operating principles of the machines and different methods to correct errors.

Training workers in the factory
Training workers in the factory

Above is all information related to strategies to protect and maintain the equipment and machines in the factory. We hope that such information is helpful for you to improve your production line and maximize productivity. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at BMB Steel.

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