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1001+ multifunctional and specialized pre-engineered steel buildings


In recent years, pre-engineered industrial factories have been widely used as production and business warehouses, workshops, storage, etc. In addition to optimizing the area, this type of factory also has a fast construction time and cost-effectiveness. Below, here are 1001+ models of specialized industrial pre-engineered steel buildings that are used in many fields.

1. Characteristics of industrial pre-engineered steel buildings

Characteristics of industrial pre-engineered steel buildings

The pre-engineered industrial factory is built from materials and steel structures. It is constructed according to the factory drawings that were designed in advance by the engineers. The industrial pre-engineered steel buildings have some characteristics:  

  • Industrial buildings only use steel as the primary material, which is very sustainable. Other components that make up the pre-engineered factory are firmly connected with each other.  Thus, this kind of building is suitable for all terrains. 
  • It is time-saving to design pre-engineered steel buildings (it takes at least 2 weeks to put into use). Depending on the drawing and the scale of the building, the time may be shorter or longer.
  • Building pre-engineered buildings do not require many laborers. Therefore, the pre-engineered steel buildings’ construction costs are pretty low.
  • The pre-engineered steel building drawing plays a vital role in building a beautiful, solid, efficient industrial pre-engineered steel building. You must consider, plan your drawing carefully before carrying out your construction.

2. Trendy beautiful small industrial pre-engineered building

Nowadays, because ordinary houses and apartment blocks have grown massively, the industrial pre-engineered steel building is an optimal solution for businesses to optimize the area used. BMB Steel will share some models of small and beautiful industrial pre-engineered buildings for you to refer

2.1 Small pre-engineered steel buildings for housing at factories

 Small pre-engineered steel buildings for housing at factories

Many people think that pre-engineered factories are only used in business activities such as warehouses or storage. However, this building can be applied in civil housing.

Similar to the factory, this building is built with steel pillars and a corrugated iron roof surrounding it. Besides, it is combined with simple and modern tempered glass doors. Thus, you can refer to your home design ideas.

2.2 Industrial pre-engineered steel homestay buildings

 Industrial pre-engineered steel homestay buildings

2.3 Industrial pre-engineered steel homestay buildings

In tourist places such as mountains and highlands, homestay and resort models are top-rated. A pre-engineered steel building homestay is very suitable for this terrain. With an area of ​​50m2, you can easily design a fully equipped homestay. The pre-engineered steel frames connect firmly to form a solid frame with clear glass or wooden doors. Therefore, you can successfully build a beautiful and secure steel frame house.

2.4 Pre-engineered factory with the sloping roof

Pre-engineered factory with the sloping roof

Small industrial pre-engineered steel buildings are commonly designed with flat roofs, Thai roofs, and sloping roofs. The sloping roof design helps drain water, prevent moisture, and provide a cool space with high ceilings to bring spacious space for the owner.

2.5 Company factory

Hình ảnh nhà thép tiền chế công nghiệp

The pre-engineered steel frame factory is multifunctional. It can be used as a company or warehouse. Its structure is similar to other prefabricated houses with the system of supporting frames, partitions, roof or surrounding walls. Though these structures are simple, they all contribute to creating a quality and aesthetic prefabricated house.

2.6 Model of an industrial pre-engineered factory

Model of an industrial pre-engineered factory

2.7 Pre-engineered factory for warehouse

 Pre-engineered factory for warehouse

Some families with businesses and farms need to build a place to store necessary items. This small, beautiful, and specialized industrial pre-engineered steel house is built at a low cost, making it more convenient for your farming work or business.

2.8 Model of a four-level prefabricated factory

Model of a four-level prefabricated factory

2.9 3-storey industrial prefab house with attic

3-storey industrial prefab house with attic

2.10 2-storey pre-engineered factory

2-storey pre-engineered factory

2.11 Beautiful small prefab factory used as a cafe

The industrial prefabricated house models BMB Steel introduced above will hopefully help you get more ideas to design your own house models. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact BMB Steel for free consultation support.

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