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Trustworthy companies to design and construct professional factories


1. Services reaching international standards

BMB Steel’s designing process includes 3 main steps, strictly obeying international standards: Primary Drawing Design, Preliminary Drawing Design, and Approval and Shop Drawing Design. Not only does BMB Steel follow customers’ requirements, but we also provide customers with effective construction solutions at reasonable prices.

Professional construction drawing
Professional construction drawing

2. High-quality fabricated reinforcement

Combining professional and skillful engineers and architect teams with modern calculation software, BMB Steel promises to give customers quick responses to Sketch Drawing and Approval Drawing of the projects. 

Professional engineers
Professional engineers

Besides, BMB Steel possesses modern factories equipped with automatic machine systems and a capacity of more than 30.000 tons of steel materials each year. BMB Steel commits to being a professional industrial steel supplier, providing customers with excellent products and services.

BMB Steel’s factory
BMB Steel’s factory

3. Professionally erecting and building factories

BMB Steel provides complete solutions for many different types of constructions:

  • Pre-engineered steel structures
  • Buildings
  • Steel-roofed systems
  • Pre-engineered steel reinforcement

BMB Steel offers customized designs for customers’ specific requirements and specifications.

BMB Steel’s workers erect steel framework for the steel building
BMB Steel’s workers erect steel framework for the steel building

BMB Steel has customized designs for all types of enterprises planning to expand their business, from minor to large-scale workshops to large industrial factories. 

4. Safety awards authorized by both domestic and international organizations

The construction process must include 4 steps to ensure safety: Project Planning, Project Operation, Project Appraisal, and Project Evaluation.

BMB Steel takes pride in receiving many safety awards from both domestic and international organizations. BMB Steel is proud of being one of the most trustworthy companies to provide pre-engineered steel buildings and structures in the market.

Safety awards BMB Steel has received
Safety awards BMB Steel has received

5. BMB Steel’s finished projects

5.1 Marvel Garment Production Factory

Total land area: 360.000 m2.

Owner: Marvel Garment Co., Ltd.

Location: PPZED Industrial Park, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

BMB Steel has handed over Marvel Garment Super Complex Factory Phase 1 and 2 to the owner, including the production plant and about 14 other projects such as the garment factory, dyeing workshop, pattern printing workshop, staff dormitory, canteen, garage, and so on.

Marvel Garment Factory Project
Marvel Garment Factory Project

5.2 Worldon Vietnam Garment Factory

Total land area: 300.000 m2.

Owner: Shenzhou International Group.

Location: Vietnam.

BMB Steel processed the designs and construction in Phase 3 of this project from March to August 2016. The total land area BMB Steel processed was about 80.000 m2.

Worldon Vietnam Factory Project
Worldon Vietnam Factory Project

5.3 Sailun TBR and OTR Factory

Total land area: 85.000 m2 (Sailun TBR) and 151.000 m2 (Sailun OTR).

Owner: Sailun Viet Nam.

Location: Cambodia (Sailun TBR) and Vietnam (Sailun OTR).

This is one of the most high-quality and aesthetic projects. In Vietnam, BMB Steel processed Sailun Phase 3 with a total area of the warehouse of 71.000 m2 and a total amount of Steel of 2.559 tons. BMB Steel takes responsibility for providing, fabricating, and erecting the entire project in Tay Ninh province.

Sailun OTR Factory in Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Sailun OTR Factory in Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Sailun TBR Factory in Cambodia
Sailun TBR Factory in Cambodia

Above is all information about the services that BMB Steel supplies. Please contact us for advice if you need to build a professional factory. Visit our website for more details.

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