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What to know about the Clear Span - the truss without actual structure


What is a truss frame without actual structure? What is its role in design and construction? In the article below, BMB Steel will provide you with information about the truss without actual structures to better understand this design.

1. The explanation and description of the ClearSpan frame

The pre-engineered steel building has been a big trend this year by virtue of its diversity, easy design, and stable prices. When building a pre-engineered building, it is essential to understand the relevant structural components to construct smoothly and actively. A significant thing that you need to know is the Clear Span truss, known as the truss frame without actual structure.

Khung kèo không cột giữa là gì?

What is the ClearSpan truss?


The truss frame without actual structure, also known as the ClearSpan truss frame, is a type of frame with columns running along the width (long) of the building. Thus, the gravity of the roof and the building is concentrated on the walls and columns on both sides to push the force to the floor. When designing and installing the construction, it is integral for architects to weigh the pros and cons to allocate forces most reasonably.

Simply, to lift the roof of the building, the Clear Span truss has a system of columns on both sides and a lifting beam connecting the columns. To design the Clear Span truss of a pre-engineered building, it is preferable to use light materials for construction.

2. The applications of the Clear Span truss frame

Ứng dụng của khung kèo không cột giữa trong thiết kế nhà tiền chế

The application of the Clear Span truss in building pre-engineered houses

The truss frame without the actual structure, known as the ClearSpan truss frame, is widely used in today's design projects. The ClearSpan truss assists the buildings in saving more space. In addition, the installation of the truss frame does not require a lot of materials, giving the investor a surplus to not have to pay for incurred costs.

The application of the Clear Span truss in many fields includes building warehouses, aviation sector of aircraft storages, workshops, factories, industrial production, agriculture, etc.

3. Projects suitable for ClearSpan truss

Công trình có thể ứng dụng khung kèo không cột giữa
The project can apply the truss without actual structure

With the advantages that the Clear Span truss frame brings, along with the high applicability in many fields, the Clear Span truss frame is suitable for pre-engineered steel buildings such as:

  • Factories, warehouses, construction workshops,
  • Large areas such as industrial parks and warehouses 
  • Large storage for vehicles such as cars, containers, airplanes, etc.
  • Used to complete large warehouse projects

The ClearSpan truss building is a solution for the need to expand the ​​houses that need large areas, especially for projects in the industry and manufacturing. Thus, if you require design, please consult carefully and choose the design that best suits your needs.

4. BMB Steel - A reputable pre-engineered steel truss construction company

Dự án quy mô thiết kế bởi BMB Steel 
A large-scale project designed by BMB Steel

A reputable pre-engineered steel structure construction company is a crucial factor in building a high-quality project. If you are interested in the field of pre-engineered steel buildings, you should refer to BMB Steel. This is one of the leading contractors in building pre-engineered steel truss buildings. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in steel structure and development as well as relentless efforts to bring the most authentic values ​​​​in each design, BMB Steel always wants to be a company to assist customers in achieving tremendous benefits.

With BMB Steel, you will experience professional design services, high technology, and unique building ideas. Besides, we will bring the best material and aesthetic value to your construction. If you want to build a pre-engineered building, contact BMB Steel immediately for further information and more specific advice. 

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