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The continuous footing steel structure in building construction


In construction, every technical factor plays a remarkable role in the completion and the safety of the building. The continuous footing steel is also one of the factors to build a perfect project. What is the continuous footing steel structure? What are its advantages? Let's explore the article below with BMB steel.

1. What is the continuous footing steel?

In construction, the continuous footing steel is a structural part that creates stability and assists in holding the walls and columns of the building.

What is the continuous footing steel?

Practically, the continuous footing steel is composed of long strips lying and intersecting independently in the shape of a cross. It is put under the wall or column. Currently, continuous footing steel is widely used in pre-engineered buildings.

2. The structure of the continuous footing steel

The structure of the continuous footing steel

is illustrated by the thickness, thinness, softness, hardness, and one-way or two-way orientation. The structure of the continuous footing steel comprises:

  • A layer of continuous footing foundation concrete, connected with a foundation girder (foundation slabs connected into a block)
  • The concrete’s thickness must meet the standard of 100mm.
  • The standard designing size of the continuous footing steel is (900 - 1200) x 350mm.
  • The foundation girder, thin-plate steel, and ordinary foundation beam steel are designed to be suitable for the overall construction.
 The structure of the continuous footing steel

 The structure of the continuous footing steel

3. Should the continuous footing steel be used in construction?

The continuous footing steel structure is now widely used in constructions, especially steel structures for townhouses. It can be applied in buildings from 3 to 5 floors. However, when deciding to use it, you need to consult with architects and construction contractors to make the right choice.

Accordingly, when designing, it is essential to consider some factors such as the general ground of the construction site:

  • The ground settlement, the soil hardness
  • The area to be used for the building
  • The material suppliers
  • The purpose of the building (for factory, a residential house, or for other purposes).

In addition, the advantages that this type of foundation offers are superior to conventional construction types.

The continuous footing steel construction

The continuous footing steel construction

In construction, it is integral to refer to and carefully consider the purpose of the building to come up with a suitable design plan. If you are still wondering about choosing a company to design, you can look for a company specializing in structure and pre-engineered building construction to make a reasonable proposal.

4. About BMB Steel Construction Company

If you long for a project with sound technical quality and high aesthetics, the first thing you need to think about is a reputable construction company. Cooperating with a good contractor will bring you a suitable project.

If you have a demand to install a continuous footing steel structure for your building or a project, a suggestion from BMB Steel will certainly not be wrong.

A construction of BMB Steel Construction Company

BMB Steel brings significant value ​​to customers. The constructions built by BMB Steel always meet high international standards. For instance, the designs of continuous footing steel structures are typical here. With many years of experience in designing and constructing, our staff can ensure the most techniques for your future projects.

The benefits of customers are the most crucial thing that the BMB Steel company is concerned about. Additionally, the professionalism and dedication make this a prominent brand, a name that is always at the forefront of this field.

BMB Steel's factories are continuously operated under strict processes, requiring each complete building to achieve optimal efficiency in terms of functionality and aesthetics. In each project, safety is a top priority for the construction workers as well as the owners. Only then can we understand the dedication of BMB Steel to its customers and partners.

In the article above, BMB Steel introduced information about the continuous footing steel structure and descriptions of BMB Steel. Hopefully, our customers can be aware of our potential and confidently cooperate with us. Thank you for reading this article. If you have more detailed questions, please leave a message or call the hotline of BMB steel to receive advice with the most accurate and specific information.

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