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Building beautiful, economical civil pre-engineered steel buildings


Building pre-engineered steel buildings are one of the most optimal solutions to own a beautiful and budget-friendly building. So how do you build the most beautiful and economically pre-engineered steel buildings? Today's article BMB Steel will help you answer.

1. Features of civil pre-engineered steel buildings

A civil pre-engineered steel building is a type of building designed with the primary material being steel. Created on detailed drawings and then erected directly on the construction site. The building has a structure consisting of a pillar frame, a barrier structure, and ancillary structures. To design a civil pre-engineered steel building is necessary to go through the stages of creating drawings, processing members, and finally fabrication and erection.

Pre-engineered steel building frame
Features of civil pre-engineered steel buildings

2. Why is the pre-engineered steel building frame a "Hot" trend?

Many questions arise as to why the pre-engineered steel building frame has become such a hot building trend. To help you better understand this building trend, we would like to list some outstanding advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings below.

Civil pre-engineered steel buildings
Why are pre-engineered steel frame houses preferred?

Low cost

The cost to design a civil pre-engineered building is relatively cheap. So this is the first reason families care the most. A residential house is calculated based on the factors of cheap labor and materials. It only depends on the construction area to determine the appropriate price.

Easy and fast erection

Suppose the typical building type needs to go through many stages. The construction process also takes time. The civil pre-engineered steel buildings are elementary to fabricate and erect. Just need detailed, standard drawings; based on that, the construction team will process, fabricate and erect the designs together. In just a short time, you can own your pre-engineered building without having to wait long.

Modern architecture

The popular and current trend is the style of building with simple, airy, and spacious design. Civil pre-engineered steel buildings can completely meet the above needs. The fabrication and erection of the architectures are all done in a mechanical system, so the details of elaborate patterns will be limited. However, this is the highlight to create modern, simple model-building products that are sought after today.

3. Construction cost of the civil pre-engineered steel building frame

Many factors determine the cost of building a pre-engineered steel building frame:

  • The company, production, and pre-engineered building design.
  • The materials provided, including construction materials for the foundation, pillars, roof, etc.
  • The cost for the construction team.

If only the price of construction steel applies to the project of a pre-engineered house with a large aperture or a concrete foundation of 150 mm2 iron layer, the cost of a pre-engineered steel building frame is 2,000,000 - 2,500,000 VND per m2. Depending on building the factory, we will advise you on trusses and columns as required.

However, the most critical factor is still choosing to invest in pre-engineered steel buildings accordingly. Should invest in the best service, the best quality to prolong the durability and increase the certainty of your construction.

4. Factors affecting the construction cost of the civil pre-engineered steel building frame

Effects on cost factor of building frame system
Effects on cost factor of building frame system

To complete a civil pre-engineered steel building frame project, you will have to pay a cost following the quality. Factors that affect the price and charges you have to pay to include:

  • Construction structure: The structure of the building is a general overview of the design and architecture. The area you want to build. From there, multiply by the unit price specified by the construction company. 
  • Construction material: Construction materials for civil pre-engineered steel building frames include steel frames, concrete, etc. in addition; there are other supporting materials that you need to calculate in specific details to minimize costs.
  • Conditions of construction work: What are the construction conditions in the environment? The geographical location also dramatically affects the number of costs that you will have to spend. For example, it will incur additional transportation costs and labor costs if the construction site is far away. To avoid adding more accounts, you need to consider the design unit carefully.
  • Supply, fabrication, and erection corporation: The standard construction design company will bring you good quality constructions. Therefore, the price will also be slightly higher. However, durable and beautiful construction is the prerequisite. You can choose BMB Steel to help you make the most beautiful and economical pre-engineered steel building.

5. Prestigious and cheap civil pre-engineered steel building frame contractor

A leading contractor company

The reputable pre-engineered steel building frame contractor that you should choose, trust BMB Steel. Proud to be a professional contractor specializing in supplying materials and fabrication and erection pre-engineered building projects. The design of BMB Steel always ensures to meet international standards. Along with that, the price is always reasonable with the quality, so our clients can choose to invest in their construction.

In particular, the construction team of BMB Steel is all highly qualified professionals and engineers. The drawings and model constructions are of high accuracy. Bringing expertise, the most optimal solutions to help your home both beautiful and economical.

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