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Experience in pre-engineered steel factory with optimal operation


To compete with commodity products in both domestic and export markets, Vietnamese enterprises need to meet a large scale in terms of production scale as well as distribution system to determine the long-term effectiveness of enterprises. However, choosing an industrial design process becomes difficult because it requires more rigorous preparation. Hence, to design and build a factory, what factors need to be considered? Let’s find out with BMB Steel in the article below.

1. Factory design suitable for the type of work

Frame construction of a pre-engineered steel building construction

The factory, also known as the "industrial house", has a large area with complex technical design, a working environment of human resources. Thus, it plays a vital role in the enterprise to serve the production and operation process.

The industrial design process is exceedingly significant in the production system through determining the size, equipment, machinery, laborers and actual product quality of the enterprise. Based on the purpose of use and production characteristics, each company will choose the appropriate type of factory. There are types of factories that are popular in the design of "industrial houses" as follows.

- Pre-engineered steel factory.

- Reinforced concrete factory.

- Multi-storey factory.

- Factory combined with office.

- The factory with the ecosystem.

The industrial design process structure

The industrial design process structure

Determining the design of the factory will determine the appropriate types of work, ensure usability and minimize the incurred expenses. This is the process that creates the premise for the entire factory structure, so it is indispensable to have a team of highly qualified and experienced designers to plan the implementation of the factory construction.

2. Factory design suitable for functions and scale

Depending on the development orientation of the business, the investor will choose the factory design model.

Standard and high-quality factories need to meet maximum uses in production. These factors are the allocation and arrangement of workshops in a reasonable way; ensuring that the operation and storage of goods take place smoothly and safely, creating a clear and clean working environment.

The purpose of building the factory is the principal factor determining the scale of the project.

The industrial design process before being finished

The industrial design process before being finished

Normally, small factories will mainly prioritize the design of pre-engineered steel factories because this is a form of a workshop with high certainty, good bearing capacity and easy design. This factory model will optimize investment costs as well as construction time but still ensure using function.

To compete with foreign products, our country's enterprises have improved and invested more in production lines. Large-scale factories such as the pre-engineered steel factory were formed and serve the need for high production volume, bringing outstanding economic efficiency to the investment owner. However, to be put into operation effectively, the construction of a large-scale factory requires a lot of economic resources, modern machinery, equipment and a large number of human resources for the factory.

3. Find a reputable professional factory design contractor

Looking for a professional and reputable factory design and construction contractor is complicated. This is the leading factor affecting the construction progress and quality of the project. Therefore, business owners should carefully consider and analyze the necessary information to meet the project requirements.

The overveiw's industrial design process

The overveiw's industrial design process 

It is recommended to choose a factory design contractor with high professional qualifications and dedication to help businesses complete projects optimally. It is said that a factory is the face of the company, so the design and construction team must be responsible for bringing high efficiency to the project as well as ensuring the regulations in construction on technical standards, implementation order, and in accordance with the structure of the factory design. The industrial design process needs to utilize materials to maintain the sturdiness and long life of the factory.

The factory construction process will be operated smoothly and on schedule when the investment owner and the construction contractor have the right orientation. Furthermore, they are required to understand the available human resources to utilize and quickly complete the final stages of the project.

4. Choosing suitable industrial factory process for operating procedures

It is critical to avoid the cases of dismantling and renovating the factory many times, which can cause loss of construction costs and consume a lot of time. Enterprises and construction contractors must consider the design in accordance with the factory operation process.

The industrial design process in production

The industrial design process in production

Moreover, it is compulsory for enterprises to have a production plan and determine product needs in advance. Thanks to them, it will be easy to choose a workshop design so that the production process goes smoothly. It is possible for us to analyze the production scale and use capacity to have an appropriate factory design. When deciding to design an appropriate factory, the investment owner will promote the full use of the factory, create good economic efficiency, and build the company's reputation and strengths.

Through the article above, BMB hopes that investment owners and large or small businesses in Vietnam will have the right direction to develop the company's values and make a wise decision in choosing the factory design and construction contractor to achieve high efficiency in production.

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