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The most often constructed industrial factory models nowadays


Should you be a business owner looking to expand your business, you want to build a modern industrial factory at a reasonable price, let’s follow the article below from BMB Steel to know some businesses' popular industrial factory models.

1. Reinforced concrete industrial factory models

A reinforced concrete factory is built with two main components, concrete, and reinforcement. The sturdy components and structure are two key factors to form a good-bearing capacity for the factory, protecting the building well against the harsh conditions of the environment. In addition, the physical and mechanical properties of concrete and steel do not change too much in the temperature range from “-40°C” to “60°C”, which increases the fire resistance of the factory.

However, concrete and reinforcement are heavy materials, so they require a long construction time and low flexibility, making it difficult to change the structure or relocate the work. Besides, after a period of use, cracks will appear on the surface of the concrete, so it is necessary to inspect the work periodically. The construction process of the factory will also generate a lot of dust and excess materials that adversely affect the environment.

The industrial factory model in manufacturing

The industrial factory model in manufacturing

2. Pre-engineered steel industrial factory models

The pre-engineered steel industrial factory model is designed entirely with a steel frame. The ability to quickly form steel helps to increase the bearing capacity of the building and prolong the life of the prọect. With a compact and lightweight structure, pre-engineered steel materials significantly reduce the load of the work, making the construction of the enterprise easier, saving time, and saving material costs. The compact structure of the steel frame helps businesses make the most of their land fund and quickly expand if necessary.

However, the heat resistance of steel is lower than that of reinforced concrete, so the possibility of severe damage in the event of a fire is very high; the safety factor when using the work is always carefully considered in the design and construction phase. Besides, Vietnam is located in a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate with high humidity, which makes iron and steel prone to rust. The company that implements this factory model needs to spend a lot of money on the inspection and maintenance process of the factory.

executing industrial factory model

The executing industrial factory model

3. Single-storey industrial factory models

To optimize the area of ​​land used for construction, businesses need to determine whether to build a single-storey or multi-storey structure. The single-storey industrial factory model is an easy-to-design model to reduce construction time, save construction costs for stairs and elevators, and increase economic efficiency for contractors. This is a design model that is often built on large plots of land, making it easy to modify and expand as needed. The factory's equipment and machinery are located on the same floor, so it is easy to arrange, move and change in accordance with specific industries such as manufacturing, processing components, etc. Moreover, we can utilize natural light by obtaining side windows and roof lights. Thus, it reduces the cost of electricity for lighting.

In fact, the construction area of ​​a one-story factory is extensive, so the factor of optimizing the construction area and the rental cost is always one of the top issues for businesses when planning to expand their scale production business.

The overview industrial factory model

The overview industrial factory model

4. Multi-storey industrial factory models

Building a multi-story industrial factory is becoming a trend that many businesses choose. This is an optimal choice to optimize space and costs. The distance between factories is reduced to facilitate the management of the entire process. This type of design is suitable for businesses following modern trends because it requires investment in fully equipped systems and utilities such as elevators, garages, power stations, backup generators, fire protection, etc.

However, the multi-story factory model will cost a lot of businesses because factors such as transportation systems and moving between floors will require expenses. Expanding production in the future is also complicated. It can be logistically challenging if a business needs to develop production lines on the upper floors. 

The industrial factory model trending

The industrial factory model trending

5. Factory that is not combined with office

The industrial factory model without offices is usually applied to large enterprises with many employees, and the factory is only used as a production area. This model is often used for businesses specializing in the production of finished products such as consumer goods production, fertilizer production, metal processing, repair tools production, etc.

The structure industrial factory model 

The structure industrial factory model 

6. Factory combined with office

The industrial factory model with an office usually has two main areas: a production area and an office area. The design of the factory combined with the office supports the management process of the business to be flexible and save investment costs, suitable for small and medium enterprises without many employees.

The industrial factory model 

The industrial factory model 

Choosing a suitable industrial factory is the fundamental issue that businesses need to pay attention to when starting to build. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with BMB Steel so that BMB Steel accompanies your business to choose the most suitable factory model.

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