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Things to know when designing a qualified mechanical workshop


The construction process plays an important role in the operation process of a mechanical factory, ensuring that the working scale and functions are accurate according to owners’ requirements. In this writing, BMB Steel shall give you some notes about mechanical factory construction.

1. An introduction to a mechanical factory

The mechanical department is one of the most important parts of all mechanical factories. Almost all products manufactured in mechanical factories are done in the mechanical department. The majority of workers in each factory are in the mechanical department.

standard mechanical workshop design 1

Almost all machines in the mechanical factories are of high value, and diverse in structure design, and model. There are a large number of machines working in the factories, requiring a huge amount of investment. 

The mechanical factory is designed in accordance with the development of technology as well as the technical structure of mechanical products.

The structure of the mechanical factory:

  • Production department: The production department consists of many different sections for specific functions such as the cutting machine section, cooling section, quality control section, etc.
  • Support department: The order in the support department is similar to that in the production department. There are different sections where different steps are processed orderly: biller preparation room, grinding and cutting room, finished goods warehouse, etc.
  • Service department: The service department plays an important role in the daily activities of workers, including offices and living rooms.

2. Important information about designing mechanical factory

standard mechanical workshop design 2

  • Products: It is important to learn about the quality, technical specifications, and design of the products by using reference samples.
  • Quantity: We need to know the exact quantity and weight of the products.
  • Byproducts: We need to know about the exact quantity and weight of each byproduct.
  • Detailed designs: Detailed designs must include the size, dimensions, and technical specifications of each detail.
  • Documents: Important documents include contracts and agreements on collaboration such as agreements on supplying materials and products.

3. The mechanical factory design process

standard mechanical workshop design 3

  • Designing and examining the production and operation of each technical product.
  • Determining the number of the labor force working in the factory.
  • Evaluating the need of using cutting machines in order to determine the exact number of them.
  • Locating the mechanical factory.
  • Determining the structure of the factory as well as transport tools.
  • Estimating statistical numbers to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanical factory.

4. The technology used in designing and planning a mechanical factory

standard mechanical workshop design 4

  • Designers need effective technology solutions to boost the production process as well as keep abreast of the working process. 
  • There are 2 technology solutions: Centralized operation and distributed operation.
  • Centralized operation: All modern technology is used in only one operation sequence.
  • Distributed operation: Technology is distributed to different steps of operation.
  • Centralizing technology in all machines in mechanical processing centers is important for the productivity of the factory.

5. Principles in designing mechanical production line

Designers must strictly follow technical specifications and calculations in accordance with the formula below:


  • mct: weight of details
  • mph: weight of ingot
  • Accuracy
  • Productivity

6. Locating factory layout

standard mechanical workshop design 5

  • Technical: Technical factor plays an important role in establishing and developing the factory, and deciding the quality of the factory.
  • Lead time: Designers need to evaluate the time for building a factory in order to provide high-quality products at the right time.
  • Space: A space for establishing and developing the factory is an important factor, too.

7. Design contractor

BMB Steel is a trustworthy company in the field of designing and building pre-engineered steel factories with considerable working experience in building pre-engineered steel structures. BMB Steel always commits to providing optimal designs that meet owners' requirements, providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.

We hope that BMB Steel has provided you with enough information about designing and building factories and workshops for your own construction.

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