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Factory construction with high-quality and efficiency


As one of the leading construction companies, BMB Steel provides unsurpassed steel building products and services in quality and efficiency. BMB Steel's package factory construction service is always evaluated to be commensurate with the quality brought to customers.

1. Products that BMB Steel is providing

1.1 Pre-engineered steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings, also known as pre-engineered steel frame factories, are factories made of pre-engineered steel frames and installed according to pre-designed drawings.

Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings
Construction of pre-engineered steel buildings

Compared with traditional buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings have the following outstanding advantages:

  • Lower construction costs: Pre-engineered steel buildings will minimize the cost of materials in many types of terrain, which helps construction companies save 30% on costs.
  • Faster construction time: The details of pre-engineered steel buildings are manufactured at the factory according to the drawings before being transported to the construction site. There, workers will assemble the details and install them on the pre-built foundation. These stages must carry out quickly. Hence, it significantly shortens the construction time.
  • Because steel building parts are assembled together by bolt links, it also brings flexibility to the building. Changing the design or expanding or reducing the factory size can be easily carried out.
  • Suitable for many types of terrain, including soft ground: The tightly linked steel frame reduces the load placed on the foundation of the building, which is both convenient and safe.

1.2 Application of steel structure.

Steel structure products are widely chosen and trusted by professional construction companies by virtue of their versatility. BMB Steel applies steel structure to make products such as:

  • Kingpost steel pile system
  • Skyscraper
  • Steel structure factory
  • Food factories at manufacturing companies
  • Commercial building
  • Airport, etc
Steel structure factory
Steel structure factory

2. Services that BMB Steel is providing

2.1 Design

The design of construction drawings at BMB Steel must carry out in a sequence of stages: Fundamental design, preliminary design, and finally, browser design and shop drawing. The company's design services have been certified to meet national and international standards for steel structure design, pre-engineered steel factory design, etc.

2.2 Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing steel products and components is as follows: Raw materials → Material inspection → CNC and hydraulic cutting → Hydraulic cutting → Automatic welding → Manual welding → Straightening of components → Grinding → Non-destructive weld inspection → Surface cleaning and preparation → Paint → Inspection → Packaging → Shipping.

2.3 Erection

We have to focus highly on the erection process from the first steps, such as positioning the anchor bolts to create a solid foundation, then proceed to the installation of the factory's truss frame, corrugated iron roofing, and accessories. Finally, we complete the project and hand it over to the investment owners.

2.4 Safety

Safety is the crucial factor that BMB Steel always takes into consideration. The company carefully regulates our safety policies at work. Specifically, we put up signs to remind workers to stay safe. Besides, the entire staff and workers have been trained to have sufficient knowledge to protect themselves and those around them during construction. 

Some signs remind workers to wear seat belts when entering construction area
Some signs remind workers to wear seat belts when entering. construction area

2. Price for factory construction and other services

Due to the nature of each project and the different products, the price of the package factory construction and other services of BMB Steel is also diverse. Depending on customer requirements, factory scale, and required components, we will determine the exact price of a construction package.

To receive a specific quotation as well as advice on the products and services that we are providing, you can contact the relevant departments at BMB Steel.

Hopefully, the above article has provided the necessary information about BMB Steel's services and products. If you need to consult the factory construction price package, don't hesitate to get in touch with BMB Steel for a free consultation.

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