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Acecook Project

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Acecook is the leading brand of instant noodles in Japan. They have attained a strong position in the market while providing instant processed products with high quality and nutritional values.

Acecook Project

This project is one of the high complexity and requirements project from investors in terms of aesthetics and the highest food factory standards. BMB Steel has chosen to be a steel contractor to design, supply, and erect this factory, including warehouse, pipe rack system, cooling path, located in Thilawa EPZ IP, Yangon, and Myanmar. While works are underway to build the factory, the BMB team applied American standards design for a total of 20,000-m2 factories.

Those photos below are about the Acecook project.

Acecook Project 1

Acecook Project 3

Acecook Project 4

Acecook Project 5

Acecook Project 6

Acecook Project 7

Acecook Project 8

Acecook Project 9

Acecook Project 10

Acecook Project 11

Acecook Project 12

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