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Some typical steel structure systems in factory construction


In factory construction, the steel structure system with a good-bearing capacity is often made of steel. What is the structural steel system? To answer questions, BMB Steel will provide specific information in the article below.

1. Crane girder steel structure 

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The Crane girder steel system is the structure for the crane. It is used to support goods in warehouses. It includes two systems: single crane girder and double crane girder. The steel structure has two ends. The factory’s columns have a rail, and the wheels will run along with it.

2. Transfer beam

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The transfer beam is an integral component to distribute the load of the columns on the upper floors. This structure is significant in buildings with many floors. The transfer girder has a large cross-section, and its rigidity is relatively high.

3. Technical corridor

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A technical corridor is a space that is enough to build the factory with technical standards. That space can be the ground or water surface. The technical corridor reflects the hydro-meteorological data and the nature of that area.

4. Conveyor support steel structures

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The conveyor support steel structure is made of steel structure. This system plays a vital role in transporting and operating goods faster and easier instead of using laborers. This structure is widely used in designing factory buildings, machinery design, etc. It includes a conveyor frame, conveyor belts.

5. Pipe support system

This is an indispensable system to support the pipes in the factory. The technical pipe support system includes electrical wires, tool wires, fire fighting systems, etc. The devices are connected to each other.

6. Bridge pipes

Bridge pipe in a steel structure is a steel pipe structure stuffed with concrete. It consists of hollow tubes or cylindrical tubes. This structure helps the building achieve aesthetics as well as long-term durability.

7. Composite steel and concrete structure

Composite beams are steel structures that are bonded to concrete. This structure provides a good-bearing capacity, better fire resistance. Besides, the steel structure is protected against wear. In addition, it also optimizes the impact of loads.

8. Composite steel structure

A composite steel structure is a structure whose various materials are connected together, creating a system with good-bearing capacity. It is a combination of steel and reinforced concrete. The bearing capacity is the advantage of this steel structure.

Above is information about steel structure systems in factory construction. Hopefully, BMB Steel helps readers understand more necessary structures when designing and building factories.

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