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Top 10 professional programmed steel structure design software


Profession, skills, and knowledge are still inadequate for a steel structure design engineer, he also needs robust and supportive design tools to calculate and come up with the best design plan. In the article below, BMB Steel will introduce to you the top 10 most professional steel structural design software for the time being.

1. ETABS Software

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép ETABS

Advantages and features:

  • Easy-to-understand interface, providing only one interface
  • Demonstrate pre-engineered building models in 2D, 3D images,  analyze and compute data.
  • Using the finite element method (FEM) to help  design objects be subdivided
  • This software supports both steel structures and reinforced concrete structures

The price of ETABS software ranges from $6,000 - $16,000, depending on the version you choose.

2. SAP software

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép SAP

Advantages and features:

  • Have the ability to simulate in detail the shell plate structure
  • Solve and calculate the parameters to design the steel structure similar to ETABS software

SAP software prices range from $4,000 to $18,000, depending on the version.

3. SAFE Software

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép Safe

Advantages and features:

  • Easy to use
  • Applied in all kinds of a concrete floor or reinforced concrete floors
  • Ability to calculate steel lengths for foundations such as bed-plate foundations, ísolated foundations, built-up foundations, including internal forces

The cost of SAFE software is from $4,000 to $18,000, depending on the version.

4. Robot Structural Software

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép Strutural

Advantages and features:

  • Able to combine two dimensions with Autodesk Revit Structure software, it is easier to exchange results between the model and analysis data.
  • Automatically mesh, steel structure can be calculated with the most accurate result.
  • Country-specific design coding, available in multiple languages ​​and calculation units.
  • Perform analysis processes, provide design format, convert models to REVIT, transfer results to ASD software, and finally produce detailed designs.

5. Tekla Software

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép Tekla

Advantages and features:

  • Create the steel structure models with accurate parameters by using BIM technology
  • Compatible with almost all types of document
  • The meticulous calculation can be used to calculate the structure of business buildings, apartment buildings, factory stadiums, etc.

6. Autodesk AutoCAD 

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép AutoCAD

Advantages and features:

The great advantage of this specialized software are:

  • The high accuracy of autoCAD software gives accurate results in every detail
  • Easy to see drawings, even when zoomed out
  • Drawings can be reused
  • Have an enlarged drawing that shows everything on the drawing
  • Ability to share for many people to watch live
  • Outstanding 3D visuals

Cost of using for 1 year: About 1288 USD/year

7. RISA Software

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép Risa

Advantages and features:

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Provides fundamental to advanced design tools
  • Design results are fast and accurate

Cost of using for 1 year: from 900 - 2000 USD depending on the version

8. STAAD Pro

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép Staad

Advantages and features:

  • Support for the design of concrete, reinforced, wooden structures...
  • Interact with other software for more flexible design
  • Provides analytical modeling function with an auto-corrector setup
  • There is an earthquake warning mode to help engineers calculate and design suitable steel structures in environments with frequent seismic events.

9. Takeoff

Advantages and features:

  • Simplify operations, features for users to use quickly and easily
  • Ability to effectively analyze data
  • Support designers to create more options
  • There is a meeting mode for accessible communication

10. SketchUp 

Phần mềm thiết kế kết cấu thép SketchUp

Advantages and features:

  • Shorten the design process
  • Assemble building environment information and quickly convert it into 2D and 3D data
  • Show details of data through pictures

Cost of using for 1 year: 119 USD/year

From this article, BMB Steel hopes that we can introduce to you some steel structure design software to help you as practical support tools. Constructors can calculate and design professional steel structures easier, more conveniently, and faster, thanks to them.

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